Isa cash transfer long delay and no feedback

Last Wednesday, February 1st, Hargreaves Lansdown transferred money from my ISA to my Freetrade account. They confirmed that the money has left but it’s not showing in my account and Freetrade are not telling me what’s happening. How long does it normally take, and how does one contact free trade?. There’s no chat box on this website and nothing on my android app. I’m very disappointed in their customer service

Usually takes a couple of weeks. Don’t stress if it doesn’t show up this week.

Took a couple of weeks to complete for me

Yeah realistically. It’s only been 3 days. Transfer might have been too late on wed. Which leaves thu, fri, mon. And today hasn’t finished.

The guidelines are 15 days for a Cash ISA and 30 for S&S ISA.

Mine took a lot less time than that but as the posters have said the money will arrive, support won’t be able to confirm an exact date.

Thanks for all the comments. In these days of instant bank transfers I’m suprised it takes so long. But I’ve got confirmation that it’s in the system and should be there by the end of the week

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I do monthly cash transfers, albeit between a work pension and my Sipp. There’s usually a 4/5-day delay between the cash leaving one account and being applied to the other.