No replying in 18 days

I’ve reached out to Freetrade multiple times, every time has been a brick wall. I need to change my card associated with my account as the card has expired. I have been unable to withdraw any funds from my account in nearly three weeks which is really really frustrating. What should I do?

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you should email


I thought Freetrade accounts are linked to a bank account, not a debit card?
In which case it won’t matter if you’ve had a new debit card, as the deposit goes to your account.

Your post was flagged by community members, not the Freetrade team.

Probably because it didn’t offer a genuine solution.

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thats a great solution imho, I got my PC World order sorted this way


I did that and had two members of support contact me via the app and email yesterday. My wait for support has been less than 2 days.

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I disagree, it did offer a solution. Review on Trust Pilot and the support get in contact with you immediately, I waited less than 48 hours and am currently getting support.