Trying to add funds to my ISA

When submit a transfer request and I click through to the bank, the transfer gets rejected and I’m bounced back to the app.

I’m following all the correct procedures with the bank security card reader.

What bank is it, if you don’t mind saying?


Ahh, thanks for mentioning. Maybe some other NatWest users can chime in.

I think it might be possible to do a manual transfer too using the reference number, but I haven’t seen much about this / attempted it myself.

If you’ve managed to do a transfer from NatWest before then you could just send it again from within the NatWest app, although I don’t know if NatWest will have any limit on transfers (i.e. will you need the card reader to do this).

I’ve been using NatWest just fine, albeit for my GIA, not tried to topup my ISA yet so don’t know if that would make a difference. It just opens the NatWest app, I stick my thumb on to unlock it, then it says transferring back to “Something I don’t remember, what but it’s the payment service they use” , then it switches back to Freetrade and says all good.

Thanks - I’ve just done the transfer from NatWest using the payee I already had setup.

When I tried in-app, I got that ‘bounce’ to a payment service but it failed every time.

Do you know how long the funds take to appear in the FreeTrade account?

2-4 business hours (although it’s often much swifter in my experience).

I think it’s called ‘‘Freelayer’’…I’m with NatWest and noticed it the other day when i topped up funds to FT…I had to sign in to the NatWest app to get it to work…Confused the crap out of me as i didn’t have to do it the top up before that…Must be a new system they use.

Yes, Freelayer, that was it. It’s operated that way for me ever since I signed up 2 - 3 weeks back.

Oh ok…I joined up and topped up to FT on the 1st Feb and don’t remember my Natwest app having to open at all…Let alone see anything called Freelayer pop up…Very odd…To be fair (and this will probably get me booted) i’m only waiting until T212 re-open and i’ll be using their free ISA…I’ll use FT as back up for much smaller trades.

If they start accepting new customers before the end of the month I might look at that myself for my long term plans

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Read the terms and conditions.
How will your stocks be held?
How sustainable is their business?
All important questions to ask yourself if you are thinking long term