Dedicated channels and how we’re scaling support for you, 15th Feb 2021

exactly! there is a huge difference between

“I am unhappy with companies handling of situation”


“I think anyone who thinks differently to me is a deviant”

I saw a user here refer to “proper forum members”, meaning the ones who’ve been here longer - this is worrying language if we want FT to grow and flourish as a brand. That got lauded and people voicing anger, using appropriate language, get banned? Really?

I’m not here to bash FT - I’m voicing concerns to protect my investment in the company.

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I’ve been a user for 12 months+ now and I’ve just done my regular bank transfer using the same reference and details that I’ve always used, and it’s been over 6-7 hours and still nothing in my account. So unfortunately, this is a bigger issue than new customers.

Honestly I’m disappointed that Freetrade haven’t said anything other than we are busy with customer enquiries. It’s affecting new and existing customers


Last zoom call came just after they announced Plus and there had been a long, fiery debate on the forum about the merits and issues with that. They dealt with it on the call and didn’t sidestep the issue. I hope this is the same. I think they’ve shown they try to think big and solve the wider problem but perhaps what was needed here wasn’t 25 temps, it was 100+ temps then they could start solving the issue afterwards.

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Something definitely going on. Experiencing exactly the same problem with a bank transfer today. All confirmed as sent lunchtime today and still not showing in my account over 8hrs later. Never had any previous problems with transfers up until today.

Focus should definitely be on existing customers and especially account funding.

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I agree with this, or an email or something


I’ve been waiting 15 days now for my money to go into my account, the customer support rep has stopped replying to me. I hope this email works. Literally no idea what I’m going to do of no one replies.

Good evening All,

I’m so sorry for the delays that you’re currently experiencing here. :cry:

We’re looking into this deposit delay with our Technical team now.

Brokerage Operations Manager at Freetrade


I don’t want to further derail a topic that should be about how FT are scaling support, but…

Flagging of posts is highly unlikely to have been done just purely for voicing concern.

If you look at the content of posts that are flagged, it is likely that there is something objectionable there. It’s entirely possible to discuss issues without using inflammatory or abusive language, but unfortunately money is an emotive subject so this is not always the case and it is better that such posts are moderated suitably so that discussion remains sensible and on-topic and doesn’t descend into name-calling and baiting, as has been seen on here earlier today.

This is not censorship.


If someone on the forum finds your post to be objectionable in the way you talk, then any community member can flag your post. It wouldn’t be freetrade themselves.

Maybe if you’re getting multiple flags then it’s something you yourself should moderate before you post anything?

I’ve been using this community forum for going on 2 years now and I have had some of my posts flagged over that time and yes I felt a little annoyed thinking “what have I said that’s annoyed someone else”? but looking back now I can say that they should have been flagged.

Flagged posts usually contained an element of emotion because we (community members) are passionate people and care about finanace, economics and ultimately our portfolios.

Reflection and trying walk a mile in someone elses shoes helps reduce emotive langage and create more balanced posts (that’s the way I see anyway).


Maybe if you’re getting multiple flags then it’s something you yourself should moderate before you post anything?

having looked at many of the flagged comments, this is just not the case.

the original comment that started this debacle (which is now deleted, for no stated reason) was saying that FT’s behaviour made them feel that non-PLUS members were being treated as second class citizens

this is a valid comment whether you agree with it or not.

stating dissatisfaction with how FT are handling this is not baiting. It was being done politely until other members attacked the poster for stating an opinion.

this is very unhelpful and FT need to apply some forum moderation to stop it.

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I joined yesterday, top up max £250 Apple Pay onto the ISA and placed a trade. Two top up from my Nationwide account to both general and ISA yesterday afternoon arrived today. My only complaint is that Safestore is non-ISA and I had no fund in the general acc. I expect good trading statement today and it went up by 3% after the statement.

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that would be a better idea. tbh the forum is a poor medium for client communication and FT need to really think about whether it’s suitable for important comms.

the suspension of US trading being a case in point, the suspension was pushed to app the lifting … was posted here. How many users are reading this constantly? Not good enough at all

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That was just during the height of the GameStop game, when the whole trading system had to tap the brakes (not just an issue for Freetrade). Trading is fine now. I bought two US stocks on Friday.

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@Thor it’s back now, was only off for less than a day

@FailedTuringTest the issue was more that they pushed an in-app message that it’d been closed (understandable) but used a forum post to let us know it’d been re-enabled (inexcusable)

Taking on board the feedback here, thanks for sharing.

We’ll always try and improve how, when and where share important comms with you.

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appreciate the acknowledgement - it really was not appropriate messaging and it need to be addressed internally

How quickly are people experiencing replies since we’ve switched over to email?

Can only speak to my experience but I made a request to move cash from GIA to ISA yesterday morning. No response yet. If you have a query outside the standard categories they are saying 5-7 working days for a response. Not great when money is at stake. Hopefully quick improvements to come.