Activity feed still not updated

So last week free trade was under maintenance, I bought some shares and did not turn up on my activity. It has not been rejected and I can see under shares, I have more than it says on recent activity. Does anyone else have this problem? Please fix!

Yes, I have the same issue for one of my purchases, although subsequent activity did show up. I thought it might have been due to me being in app during the transaction time and having a bad internet connection. I messaged the team in app and even after refreshing my profile, it did not fix it and I’m still waiting for it to be fixed. Let them know in the chat on your app so that they can refer it to their engineering team so that they know it’s not an isolated incident.

Hopefully they can find a root cause and fix it for us all.

Hi, I’m sorry about that, :disappointed_relieved:this is due to a technical issue we had with one of our partner providers at the end of last week. Our Engineering team are working to fix this, and your activity feed should be updated by the end of day tomorrow.

Mine is showing four free shares queued but it should only be one. Hopefully I don’t get additional free shares allocated to me by accident :joy::wink::wink:

This is also due to this issue, it will be updated tomorrow.

Sorry, no additional Free Shares for you! I can send you another referral link, just let me know if you want one. :smile:

Is this still about to get resolved today ? I still have queued orders that I placed on Monday.

Also one of my friends that I invited had the same issue and was pretty negative in his first week on the app to get this; tried to explain him though what was going on!

My Disney order was rejected today despite having twice the amount needed. Two weeks in a row I’ve had this happen :unamused:

Hi Jamie, can you send our support team an in-app message and we’ll look into this.

Is this still the case? If so, please can you send us an in-app chat so we can look into this for you.

The technical issue from end of last week has been resolved.

I’m also sorry your friend didn’t have a better experience. :disappointed_relieved: I hope we can turn that around for them!