My App Seems to be broken

So I’m running the latest update of the app. I’ve been logging out and logging back in, in an attempt to refresh it but it’s still displaying a few things wrongly and the Activity tab hasn’t done anything in days despite several Buys and Sells.

Is this a known issue or does it have anything to do with Beta features in the app?

Have you contacted Freetrade via livechat about this?

They won’t be around now til Monday but log it so they will pick it up when they’re back online.

That’s why I’m asking on here as I made some sales prior to market close and they seem to have vanished.

I’m not sure that they’re always monitoring the forum either outside of working hours.

This is a known issue which they are working to fix next week

Hey! Sorry for the delayed reply.

This is due to the technical issue we’ve had with our partner provider. Our Engineers are working to fix this, and you will be able to see these on your activity feed early next week.

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Who is this partner provider?