App keeps crashing

Anyone else having problems with the app?

Was fine this morning, but now everytime i open the app and want to look at my shares i just get a blank screen like it’s loading, i can go into other section on the app like discover or activity, but every time i go into account and use the drop down for isa and gia the app crashes.

I’ve a feeling it has something to do with the Horizonte Minerals consolidation. I think it could be having problems calculating it or something.

Exactly the same here mate and as you say I believe it’s to do with the HZM consolidation as it was fine this morning. Freetrade have passed it into the technical team after I emailed them (couldn’t access the chat in app due to the problem).

Presumably its a bug!

Thanks for sharing. Bit annoying as i would like to see what i ended the day at as some things went up and some down, but as long as it’s back on track for tomorrow then there’s no harm done.

Did it actually stop working during the day or only after the markets closed. I’m guilty of having an afternoon nap so i missed ut all.

All seemed to go a bit AWOL as soon as I had the notification pop up confirming the consolidation had happened. I thought that was coincidence to be honest but after seeing your message it stands a chance that it might be a common denominator.

I’ve emailed Freetrade to let them know about the y possible link.


Yeah same with HZM, thought it was weird earlier.

Tried clear cache and storage (Android app), same issue, so highly likely server side issue.

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Is a bit concerning that i have no access to anything. I don’t have many US shares aside from Tesla so i didn’t really need the app today, but i really hope this gets fixed asap as i would hate to think that one of my AIM stocks i have been cultivating for months would get some news tomorrow and i’d be unable to act.

Lol, i really hope this is just an error that can be easily fixed. Makes me wonder if there is a backup somewhere of a record of what i’m supposed to be holding.

Looks to be resolved now mate!

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Sorry to hear you had this issue, looks like it’s now resolved.

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Awesome, thanks

Was the cause identified and if due to a bug then additional error trapping employed to improve application robustness?

Hopefully, the App will ,“fail gracefully” but not deny access to accounts when an unintended circumstance is encountered.