App Suddenly Stopped Loading - Anyone?

I’ve just opened my Freetrade app, entered my code… got the spinning wheel.

Nothing is loading. The insights screen says I’m 100% in cash (which I’m not).

I’ve flushed the cache and stopped the app, come off wifi… no dice.

Anyone else got this right now?

Anyone else’s working right now?

This is seriously not cool.

Working here.
Do you maybe have ISA and GIA and one’s 100% cash und you think you’re looking at the other?

No… Definitely the ISA.

I can’t see anything in the online version either. I have this…

Yeah just checked my app, seeing the same issue, Android phone

This happened last week after a stock consolidation

Glad it’s not just me

Hah, just checked and this is what I’m getting too. Yet it was all working fine this morning and I definitely am not 100% in cash!

Edit - Android user here too!

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Could it be the merger of BHP Group and Woodside Petroleum?

Was anyone holding one of those?

I remember getting a message that something would happen around June 6th…

iOS here. I’ve been credited my Woodside shares today. App working fine

That’s gotta be it.

I don’t remember seeing any Woodside shares today before the crash, and I’m Android.

Either those Woodside shares, or something around the stock fundamentals/analyst update, that appears to have gone live in the latest update

Hah… turns out I didn’t have the update.

Installed that anyway, but it’s still busted, so I guess it’s the Woodside shares

Yes! That’s probably what it is.

Thing is, it’s so busted, I can’t get to the profile icon to make the issue known to tech support…


If this is the same issue as was experienced last week when the HZM consolidation took place it’s a little disappointing!

I see. How long did it take to fix?

24 hours/next day I think

@Rajan07 - See above, in case support/dev team aren’t aware

Thanks! :+1:

I only hope that my stop losses will still kick in while the app is unusable.

I’m glad I set them actually, or I’d be screwed if the US market suddenly crashed…