App cost me £1000

Clicked to sell some shares
Available shares go to zero
Freetrade out out a statement saying sales are going through but are delayed
Same crap on the app chat

Hour later, the shares are back. But down 50%.

I pay for Plus. I won’t be paying ever again. Lost a customer.

What was it ? GME? If you sold as it hit the circuit breaker it would have come back failed.

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Your buy went through immediately (it opened about 450) then look now and it’s now sub-300. Its bad luck for you but it’s not their fault.


Don’t try and make a quick buck then as it always comes with risk. There is always a big risk when there’s lots of market volatility. All platforms are struggling right now.


Even Stop-loss orders often don’t work in volatile markets
You know what you were getting yourself into when you hit the buy button. It was either to the moon or 6ft under


The problem is that lots of new people are jumping in trying to make quick money without understanding the risks. If you want to truly day trade to the minute then FT isn’t the best platform for that.


this ^

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Not GME thankfully I doubled my account on that and I am very happy .

But I’d expect to at least get a response. Everyone else was getting one.

Issues was definitely not just part of trading but a FT specific issue.

For example it’s now told me my order was successfully executed.

The shares have now suddenly appeared in my account again.

So I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

Nope didn’t go through I don’t think it even Weng ti the market

Jim I have actually made good profits I’m not seeking investment advice, what I am having is an app issue not a market one

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