Awful experience

Joined FT this week and really wish I hadn’t. In App messaging service is genuinely worst I’ve ever encountered. Thought by opening Plus account things would improve but it’s awful. Been trying for days to move my funds from one account to the other. Was told it would take a few hours, then it was one working day. Two days later still no sign. Really regret doing this

Feel your pain. But the customer service team was enough to onboard a few thousand people per day. Yesterday almost 50k signed up so I think that’s why it’s a bit slow atm


Worth reading this, they’ve had 10x the signups and are swamped. It will be sorted in a couple of days hopefully.


Thanks for writing this .much appreciated. If you think overall the app is decent then I’ll stick it out. So frustrating though to wait a week to sort out a basic function.


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It’s just chaos at the moment. FT’s customer support are superb but when 10% of your total user base sign up in a single day any provider would creak. I think Adam’s hope for “days” might be optimistic as there’s just an unprecedented demand due to the market and moves to FT from competitors, but would be fully confident on FT’s commitment and ability to get on top of it as soon as they possibly can.


When a company gets daily user growth of 40,000 compared to 4000 it can catch it off guard.
This is not the normal experience that most users face but the this week has been unprecedented.
If you are considering building a long term portfolio then I’d recommend this broker over others

Thanks for letting me know. Seems I joined at a bad time.
Been researching what to do as complete beginner to this, so looking forward to getting it moving


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