On the positive side

Coming up on two months with FT.

As with life, not everything is perfect, and I’m quick to say so.

However I am generally a positive person and I’d like to point out what I do enjoy about FT.

The forum is well organised and has been very helpful and informative overall. Some great contributions on here and its a great place to find helpful resources.

The investment app is very user friendly and I enjoy using it. I look forward to see how it evolves.

I have had no technical issues…so well done the IT team.

Onwards and upwards :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


It’s difficult to balance issues with positives. We should have no issues as customers :smile: but at the same time for what is a very young company they’ve made what seems to be a fairly robust platform.

Is it missing feature? Yes

Is customer service sometimes unacceptably slow? Yes

But they also built a resilient platform that went the route of direct connections as I understand instead of many other brokers that use third parties for everything.

The platform notably performed really well during the GME craze even compared to established platforms. I don’t think it ever actually went down (others did)

Execution is generally very good

They’re very transparent with how assets are held and who holds them

I’m looking forward to some of the improvements coming this year as well.

Considering competitors have been around for decades, freetrade is pretty good


Thanks both. We appreciate the sentiment.

We set out to build the homescreen app for your life savings, Europe-wide first, and then global. It was never supposed to take only a handful of years, just for us to lean back after, with the work done. It’s going to take many years to get there. It’s great to have you as our early customers!


I know some folk have had complaints about customer service but my experience has been positive. I think Plus is worth it for the priority.

I’ve used just about every broker at one point or another aside from a few relatively niche ones like Saxo and IG – and I’ve found FT’s customer service the best of the bunch.

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I have priority and had no issue with until until now

I agree that customer service has been positive so far. Also think £120/year for ISA and SIPP is still great value