App no longer getting any improvements?

Dear Freetrade

There are bazillion choices on Freetrade yet I can’t filter by price change over X days or filter by P/E ratio in a sector.

Also, the “plus” sign covers up the change of a stock which is just poor UX

Why can’t I sort a list by “% change”?

I can’t remember when the last improvement to the app was - have you stopped working on the app?

Don’t get me started on Finnish stocks.


He has a really good point - There should be some improvement like this every few months


They’re just all focused on EU launch at the moment, don’t think they have the capacity for much else. Would love some filters though.


Hi @Prits9

Thanks for the feedback. We realise that it’s not as easy as it could be to explore and find stocks on the app, now that there are over 6,000. We will make improvements to this in the future.

In terms of general improvements to the app, we have been focussing on building the infrastructure for European stocks recently. As we mentioned on the blog, this is the single piece of engineering work since we launched the Freetrade Cloud Platform the year before.

Finnish stocks are the first market of many to be going live on your app. You can expect stocks from big markets like Germany and the Netherlands to arrive in the coming months, including popular requests like Adidas, Volkswagen and Heineken.

There are a lot of other exciting things in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond and we are excited to get to work on them and deliver them to you.


But you can now change your icon of the app to a lollipop or something festive. :partying_face:


Thanks Sam.

I think this is my issue. I’m struggling to filter 6000 just by price let alone 10,000.

It’s hard work.


True - The only I manage was from this - Stocks to invest in - US, UK and European stocks | Freetrade

It helps isolate the Stock in categories

The lollypop and egg are for Freetrade staff only. Not sure why they included them in the tweet. All it shows is misplaced efforts. Unless the Freetrade staff were threatening to go on strike if they couldn’t get exclusive app icons?


Does this imply all previous app improvement requests haven’t even been started on? :grimacing:

Who internally is driving the product roadmap?


I agree that there are tons of possibly application improvements, and as for me it’s a bad sign that for a year there was only one major focus for developers - EU stocks. I still believe they can hire few devs and UX specialists for the only way they have now, for the application itself.


I agreed, they can’t just there entire Dev Focus on just EU Expansion - You need to focus on other areas as well


Couldn’t agree more, the app has barely had any improvements this year. Over a year of development to deliver a handful of Finnish stocks isn’t a great look.

Was building their own infrastructure the right decision? That time could of been spent drastically improving the app and they could of used a third party provider (for now) like they do with the US.

Who asked for a festive app icon? Nobody.



I don’t find myself on the Freetrade app for long. I’d like to. But I can’t, I leave in frustration. :joy:

And thats without checking my portfolio at the moment.


They should have used a small fraction of resources to make the easy improvements which don’t take as long or a big team.


My understanding is the work to deliver Finnish stocks will be used to launch other European markets. Starting with a small country enables them give it a good run out before unleashing it on the rest on Europe.

I too would like to see some more app features, even small ones to show its being worked on and instil confidence.


Let’s just hope Freetrade understands the sentiment in this thread and does something different next year.

Less blog posts and more functionality for users who (the majority) don’t care how hard it was to build.


Only thing Freetrade needs to do is integrate with Plaid - then we can use 3rd party portfolio analysis optimisation tools.


Absolutely agreed, more focus on improvements then trying to explain how hard it was to bring in EU Stock Market

It sounds like work on other features won’t be progressed until EU stocks have been fully shipped over the next few months. I think FT investors can maybe tolerate the focus on EU expansion but the regular users may be less “sticky” if they see another platform which better meets their requirements.


Playing devils advocate Freetrade will have X amounts of resource tokens that they can spend on the hundreds of feature requests / improvements. Do they spend 100 tokens on 1 big feature or 1 token on 100 tiny features? FT will have done their work to identify what will set them up for future success. Making small feature changes knowing that the backend is changing makes no sense - you will just end up duplicating or wasting effort.
Personally having access to many more stocks outweighs any other small feature improvement.
Building their own proprietary technology might be frustrating short term but will help Freetrade (hopefully) become a viable and prospering business long term.
One thing is for sure they are not just sitting there twiddling their thumbs like some might be suggesting.