When is new functionality coming to the app?

Feels like a large part of development over the last 6-12 months has been on increasing the number of available stocks and purchasing features (Fractional shares, etc), which is great, but when is the app going to be improved.

I’ve been a user for over a year now and the app functionality has pretty much stayed the same other than some minor improvements under Insight.

It would be good to see some basic quality of life improvements. For example, when I select a time frame in my portfolio it changes the timeframe for my investments so I can easily see what’s changes by individual shares.


From the AMAs it sounds like a lot of the work going on in the background is providing the foundations for European expansion (maybe Canada too) which will open up (for UK customers) access to a number of new stock exchanges. I agree feature developments feels slow lately, but the size of such a task is huge. Would love to see some key hires to fast track features. There’s no excuses with how bad the daily portfolio graph is😭…


I feels like there are some surprise and delight type improvements which will happen, but the bigger features won’t take focus until after they’ve launched in Europe. Crypto is on for later this year.

They said they now have a big enough budget that they don’t have to make a decision between options, they can work on both. It’ll just take a bit of time to recruit for the 70-80 vacancies they have.

My personal opinion is they can’t get the skilled engineers they need to accelerate improving the APP. What else can it be??? @adam @Viktor @Freetrade_Team

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I find that statement worrying. There is a saying “First impressions last” so they launch in Europe with the present offering,I think that is crazy. Why not improve the app and then launch in Europe?

They might damage the brand with what they have to offer and lose customers at the very beginning.


It sounds like the big piece of work is adding the many European exchanges. They’re building it in such a way that makes it easier to add more exchanges in future. e.g. Australian and Canadian that have been announced so far. (I’m sure there’s more on the roadmap, just not announced!)

Once this piece is complete they will have recruited a larger team to add Crypto, their list of features and more ISA types (European versions then JISA’s, LISA’s).

Launch quickly then improve the app iteratively seems to have worked well in the UK.

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It’s took them years to update the APP in the UK,so what makes you think they will be any quicker in Europe. I honestly think they are struggling to get staff,why else is everything always so slow??

‘Webull’ began in 2017 and is absolutely incredible for the modern investor. When I say incredible I really mean functionality is ideal.

If anybody has had a look around Webull you’ll know what I mean.

I have come to realise that FreeTrade possibly started for the most youngest, never invested before, fresh out of college 18 yr old.


10 months on and there has been barely any functionality added to the app. The only thing I’ve noticed is the Position tab under Insights. It’s so difficult to get any actual insight out of the app. They need to start focusing on increasing the functionality, compared to Trading 212 (which I’m not trying to recommend here), the functionality in FreeTrade is very poor.


In my honest wormly like opinion, I blame inflation and the fact freddo bars will cost £0.53 in the year 2030 as we can see from the graph below. Its no wonder we cannot hire the engineers if we cannot fuel them with rising freddo prices.


Still remember the good old days when they were 10p each.


Im sure i remember them being 5pence! But i think it could be a Mandela effect as i want born till ‘83’ and it was before i was born that they were 5p.


I remember seeing them 5p as well at my sweetie shop, but who knows :smiley:

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I got a pack of 24 on an advent calendar mid December for 15p the lot.


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