Building Freetrade, Q2 Update


Earlier in the year, we opened up our product roadmap to everyone to see and feed back on the products you’d like us to build. The roadmap reflects a lot of our bigger features, what we’re building and our vision for Freetrade.

The roadmap is in the form of a Kanban board though, so some of the context can get lost in translation. This is why we’ll start providing regular updates on our product focus to give you more context on what we’re working on, why we’re working on it and where we’re at.

Let me know what you think!


Good post. Really looking forward to ‘rate of return’, and ‘portfolio insights’.

Is ‘collections’ like ☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Watchlist ⭐ - #14 by zain or is it more like [Feature Request 🔧] Pots or Investment Buckets 💰 🪣 - #28 by CS86?

Will ‘portfolio insights’ have insights on dividends? I’d like to see projected yield, dividends to date, upcoming dividends etc.


Really appreciate posts like this to keep us all in the loop.

One question - where are you with the Investment Platform, what is the ETA for that, and once that is live will you significantly open up the stock universe to 1,000’s of stocks rather than the current 100’s?


As well as timeframes I’d love to see a bottom axis to further understand stocks and my portfolio


What are the other vertical product teams?


Thanks for the post @jani, a really interesting insight into how the team thinks about new features and the approach you are going to pursue in Q2! :slight_smile:

I know Freetrade does not tend to indicate the timeframes anymore, but is there any scope for a change in that regard? For example, “Filters on Discover” have only been added to the roadmap recently, but went straight into “work in progress”, hence would be reasonable to expect it released within 0-3 months, wouldn’t it?

On the other hand, more ambitious projects, such as the investment platform or the expanded universe, are certainly going to come later than filters and Android ISAs. Don’t you agree that it may be useful to indicate very rough timelines (without committing to them), so that users and other stakeholders could manage their expectations and guess roughly what is coming earlier and what is coming later?


These updates are very interesting and like understanding what are the next features coming up.
I am personally a little confused over the portfolio graph. Am I the only one whose graph looks like stairs or is the improved graph still not implemented?

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We haven’t rolled the new graph out to everyone yet, here’s the new bit.


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All I want for Christmas is an Android Isa

Are looking to incorporate the past performance of shares (%gain/loss) say over the last week / month / 3 months / 6 months and year ?. I apologise if I’ve missed this somewhere. It’s invaluable at seeing the growth of your investments.

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To try and cover a few questions/points made :slightly_smiling_face:

@saf Probably you noticed in the other thread from today that ‘Collections’ refer to a collection of companies with similar characteristics or they operate in a similar sector. :department_store:

@samlan We are working on improving this as well.

@Vlad I’ll see how we could change the way we display bigger projects in our open product roadmap in a suitable way that helps everyone see what takes longer and what might be rolled out sooner :relaxed:

@generaljonny soon, very soon! Final fixes and it’ll be rolled out :gift:

@Pazza We’re currently working on portfolio performance features to give better insights on how your portfolio is doing.

Hope that gives a little bit more clarity to everyone :slightly_smiling_face: