Freetrade Roadmap: Reloaded

Hey everyone! Excited to properly premiere our refreshed roadmap.

Check out the roadmap here.

And read about how we’ve structured it here:

We’ve just refreshed our roadmap to give more clarity and visibility on when we plan to ship big features, especially the most requested ones.

Our customers’ top requests:

  • More stocks
  • Faster deposits
  • A watchlist feature
  • ISA transfers
  • Better metrics and insights on stocks
  • Better graphs
  • Fractionals
  • International launches

Of course, these aren’t the only things we’re planning. But these are the major items and broad areas which we’re prioritising.

Here’s how we’ve structured our roadmap:

In active development

These are the items we’re directly working on right now, and which we expect to be available in the coming days or weeks.

Firstly, on more stocks , 200 more UK stocks are being added to Freetrade in the next 2 months, with new stocks dropping in your app on a weekly basis. We kicked it off last week with 25 new new additions.

We’re also extending deposit hours so your bank transfers will be processed from 8:00am to 8:30pm.

In the next few days, we’re going to roll out an ISA transfer waitlist so you can sign up to move your existing cash or stocks and shares ISA to Freetrade. We’ll start transfers of users on that waitlist this month.

There’s also work ongoing on things like enhancing Free Share and giving you your portfolio return.

Near term (next few months)

Near term features are up next for active development. You can expect these in the next few months i.e. late summer to early autumn.

Features include:

  • More advanced stocks insights like market cap, yield and yearly high/low
  • The much-wanted watchlist to keep your eye on your (potential) buys
  • Benchmarking to measure your portfolio return against the market
  • Much more info on and a record of your dividends

Medium term (3–6 months)

Across the medium term, we that will massively expand what you can invest in on Freetrade, as well as how flexibly you can invest.

This includes big-ticket features such as:

  • Fractional stocks for the US, UK and EU
  • Premium Alpha accounts
  • A LOT more US stocks
  • European stocks
  • Limit orders
  • SIPPs (self-invested pension plans)
  • Our first international launches into Ireland, France, Germany and The Netherlands

Long term (>6 months)

Expect long term items to take 6 months plus. Here you’ll find major, expected pieces of work that are further on the horizon, as well as cool ideas we’ll want to pursue one day but not yet.

Right now, these include further international launches to the rest of the EEA (the former — big work, definitely going to happen) and a web app version of Freetrade (the latter).

We’re excited to refresh our roadmap and have more visibility on our product plans. Let us know what you think and advocate for things you want to see in the community.

The roadmap is a guide to the future, not an ironclad timeline. It should give you a sense of what we prioritise and when we target particular features.

We may not ultimately ship everything in each column in the precise time-frame: some things might come faster (yay!) or slower. If anything changes, you’ll be the first to know.

Most importantly, the roadmap reflects the team’s vision to make Freetrade a deeper, richer and just plain better product.

The ‘free’ in Freetrade doesn’t just refer to commissions, it’s also part of our values: we want to give all of you control and knowledge over your investments.

That’s where our roadmap takes us!

We’ll use this thread to discuss the roadmap going forward so it’s fresh - we’ve moved over the posts from the old threat from the point @Viktor shared the new roadmap.

Look out as we move features between the columns as we ship!


Open roadmap reloaded: Stock trading (zero commission) & investment app | Freetrade


We plan to give updates like this in the monthly newsletter. It will hopefully satisfy this need!


All the stuff due for <3 months is pretty exciting


Fantastic, really great to see this sort of transparency. Fractional shares and more US stocks in the next few months will be amazing. 10x more! I guess you’ll be sharing nearer to the time which ones they are?

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This is HUGE news! Great to see Freetrade actually using a real timeframe too, rather than “coming up” :joy:

Only joking @Viktor, keep up the amazing work!


You guys will be busy this year! Keep up the good work! :rocket:


Very impressive - well done team :+1::tada:


Does FT still use Notion and internally? Trello board is created for public consumption :thinking:

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Great to see the new roadmap - good work!


Still no referral links ;(

No plans for fractional ETFs?

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…though still no sign of a Lifetime ISA on the horizon :pensive:


Thanks @Viktor, this is brilliant! Very excited to see the new features coming in the next few months!


This is great - thanks for sharing! Apologies if I’ve missed a post, but how do these developments relate to the Freetrade Investment Platform™️? Or are they all constituent parts of said platform?


We’ll probably post more details, you haven’t missed anything. :+1:

The Investment Platform will enable a number of these features. The way to think about it is, the Platform serves as the foundation for those features, but they still have to be built on top of it, and additionally, we thought you may be more interested in when those specific things roll out as opposed to the underlying (but super important) Platform. Hope that makes sense!


On behalf of our team, thank you! :blush:

Got it , thank you for explaining so clearly! :ok_hand:

Great to see this new updated roadmap, thanks for that, bookmarked! Excited to see fractional shares and limit orders coming soon.

For the more technically inclined It would be super interesting to read a technical blog post on the new platform and the challenges of moving to it once it is ready. Though it doesn’t impact customers directly, I’m sure many here would be interested.


We still use it. Most people I chatted about this with internally like it for the kanban boards. I’m personally a big fan of Google Docs. I was at Google when they bought Writely, and the development of the product has been incredible. I find I use it for things Notion is trying to solve, and I think that’s the case for a number of other Freetraders as well. For other things Notion is trying to solve, a number of us use Trello. But yeah, it’s just a tool, and we spent 99.99% of our mindspace on delivering the roadmap for you and the rest on what the tool or format should be. :man_shrugging:

Bias to action and all that.