Is there an estimate for when we'll have fractional ETFs? [Marked as duplicate for merging]

I make monthly deposits and find it impossible to keep my portfolio balanced with £CSP1 at £300 and £EQQQ at £250 :disappointed:

£CSP1 = S&P 500
£EQQQ = Nasdaq 100


This would be great. I made a similar point a while ago:


Fractional physical metal ETFs would be wonderful too.

Also someone else here requesting fractional ETFs if possible


+1 as it would help make things a lot easier to keep my numbers rounded out for percentage purposes as well.

I’d like to put £50 in one but can only do £38 etc. Kind of a bummer. :slight_smile:

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400k new users :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Perhaps T212 would be better for you? FT are doing things right, and now with SIPPs they will have a lot of AUM soon enough, so they can’t get things wrong now…


This should be on the new roadmap

I have invested 3 times in FT and I have every faith that EVENTUALLY they will have a great product. Why would you say
Perhaps T212 would be better for you? How dare someone express their opinion??? Let’s be rude to them???



Brian, even though there might be some points in your message worthy of a discussion, the tonality and the way you express things kills any good intention.

A start up by definition is constrained in resources and they have to be carefully prioritised.

The team is surely doing their best to move at the fastest possible pace. The upcoming series B should help to speed things up. Unless, we have built ourselves a successful fintech start up in the EU not sure that we are in a good position to judge.

Expressing your concern is ok, but the format of the message is just as important as the message.

We haven’t even seen the product roadmap for 2021 yet. The FT team has handled many things exceptionally well so far (GameStop, invest platform, referral campaign, 3% interest on Plus, communications just to name a few) so don’t see any reason to be so negative.


You were making me think I was crazy for thinking FT product development is actually extremely quick, so here’s a quick list I jotted down off the top of my head:

  • Open banking improvements
  • Improvements to IPO launches
  • Free Share updates (so you can invite multiple people with the same link)
  • Plus (including Limit & Stop Loss)
  • Stock content/community links
  • Loads of new stocks and SPACs
  • I think the order process changed at one point?
  • New FX solution devised over a weekend during GameStop/WSB madness

Am I mad or is that a huge amount of releases for a startup? I don’t even know if that’s a full calendar year and there’s probably more than that. Haven’t even started on tech infrastructure work that clearly has been built and maintained well to ensure uptime, particularly during unprecedented spikes like during GameStop/WSB.


Roadmaps have been absolutely hopeless,actually that hopeless they stopped doing them. I think it became embarrassing.


I’ll stick to my opinion about them being very very slow. And not communicating. Why does no one ever answer about Ireland and the Netherlands? How are the beta testers getting on in these Countries. The Silence is deafening​:ear::ear::ear:

I like Lukes list :wink:

I think they’ve generally been very quick in the past to add new things.Definitely one of their key selling points to me (and why I invested in them). Having said that it does feel a bit like it’s all slowed down recently slightly, but you know… new users etc. I’m sure they’ll start ramping it all up again soon however, and I’m sure there are some easy wins too (eg downloadable transactions list… any format’s better than nothing).

Brian calm down Buddy. This time last year we had 100k users. Now at 550k. The product can always be better but growth is great.


Fair enough. My reply genuinely wasn’t intended to combat your opinion, I think it’s really interesting how much our thoughts differ, and neither is right. I feel like things have moved very quickly in the grand scheme of things. The company will likely be valued at more than 10x what it was in Summer 2019 this year and has 5-6x as many users.

You’ve picked on specific points there about IE and NL (as well as others in an earlier post) but I think that’s the thorn in the rose of being a transparent company with very good communications, growing at pace. The expectation becomes that there’s always communication on plans and movements frequently, and that there’s an answer to everything, always. That’s very difficult in a start up environment where it’s rarely a straight road, and where roadmaps are not commonly adhered to. I don’t disagree that there are tonnes of product features we’d all love to see, and areas of improvement that bug everybody, but would I trade it for the growth I mentioned above? Of course not.


I just had to get some things off my chest. I know they have made improvements but just very very slowly. As Luke thanks for the list but honestly a lot of things on that list are basics and have also been around for years. Open banking etc. They don’t even have instant bank transfers into your Freetrade account. Come on guys if that’s not a basic requirement I don’t know what is. You got to speculate to accumulate. The competition is snapping at our heals and we/Freetrade are moving way to slow for my liking. How can they move into Europe/Sweden with what they have to offer RIGHT NOW?? You need to get things right here and now BEFORE they go and damage the brand and embarrass themselves in Europe.


Tap me up if you want to sell your shares :wink:

Agree, things seem slow, we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes and I’m all of our best interest that freetrade becimd an absolute monster to competitors. Series B will help immensely imo

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