Fractional shares shopping list 🛒

Greetings all, noobie here so apologies if this has been answered already.

With fractional shares coming in the next 2 weeks what’s on your shopping list?


As it is likely going to coincide with the expanded stock universe I will be taking a long hard look at the new options before deciding! :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1: Will probably end up putting more in Alibaba which is already available tho lol

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This guy just heard Freetrade fractional shares are on the way


I’ve just opened an ISA and am having to sell my basic account holdings to move them across to the ISA. When I re-buy shares, I’ll be using fractional shares to fine-tune my allocation.

New shares I’ll be picking up because of fractionals: Amazon, Google and maybe Tesla.


I haven’t heard they were coming in 2 weeks, are they? Super news if true.

I have Amazon on my list.

I sent a message on chat asking the question he came back and said it’s coming in 2 weeks.

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Great news!

Just to confirm did they specifically said “2 weeks” or “few weeks”?

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The exact words were " they are coming in the next couple of week’s". I assume that means 2?


If the rally carries on then Amazon! Or maybe even Berkshire Hathaway, just to say I hold it!

An update on this, we’re doing alpha (staff) testing this week. We’ll buzz the beta tester group on this forum to help us put the feature through its paces before the end of April.

Fractional shares will gradually roll out to everyone throughout May. Similar to the Invest by Freetrade upgrade process, the more active (ie. regularly investing) accounts will see the feature enabled first.

It’s been a big piece of engineering work, and as far as we know, no other company has done it to the depth we did. Our approach resulted in a longer lead time than we wished for in this case, but for our customers, we think it’s worth going to the right depth to build a sustainable service.


Any chance of being a beta tester Viktor ?

Thanks for the update.

Great news @Viktor! Can’t wait to start making the most of fractionals! Definitely best to do it right, even if it takes a bit longer. Your commitment to doing things properly is one of the main reasons Freetrade is the real deal.


We’ll open up the opportunity again to join the Beta tester group after fractionals are rolled out. I hear different order types and other exciting new features will need testers as well. :wink:

Just remember that joining and having beta access to new features might mean dealing with more bugs than a regular customer would.


Thanks for the update @Viktor :+1:

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Awesome news. So when do we expect the rollout to reach every single user that is registered at the moment?

Will we still be able to buy/sell exactly whole shares?
I’d love to use this feature on the larger, more expensive stocks but for the smaller ones I like to know I have whole shares, Will this still be possible? Some sort of whole share/fractional share toggle button?


Great news! But echoing @EWaldron, will we be able to specify how much of a share we want to buy, e.g 0.5, 1 etc?

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Stating the obvious but…I would like to see the list of the 250 US shares as a stand alone list for research purposes as soon as its available. I know its almost bound to be produced, but its a lot to go through without having to look for each new share listing.


looks to be throughout may