When will US stocks be available?

(Paul) #1


When will US stocks be available?


Are you able to buy USA stocks?
(lukehebb) #2

Wondering this too since Amazon are on the home page but it isn’t actually possible to buy shares in Amazon yet!


In fact, scrolling through the home page its full of stocks you can’t buy yet :frowning:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Hi :wave: we’re planning to add them within weeks.

(Paul) #4

Thanks for your answer, how will we be notified when they are available?

(Alex Sherwood) #5

We’ll let you know via the blog, this community & potentially an email / in-app notification.

Don’t worry, we’ll make plenty of noise about this because we know how keen everyone is to start investing in US stocks!

(Donald Philp) #6

Hi @alex.s, thats quick! that’s fantastic news! :+1::sunglasses:Though this was only rolling out next year.

(Martin) #7

I assume we can buy US sticks through the investment isa ?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Yes you will be able to when they launch :+1:

(Richard varga) #9

What US stocks will people be buying??

(Richard varga) #10

I’ll be going for Nvidia, all the gaming stocks and BABA!


Microsoft, I like Satya Nadella’s approach and it is clearly working. They are the second largest cloud vendor and gaining ground on AWS, top of my head AWS is 41% and Microsoft is 29%. There’s also a lot of very interesting R&D projects at Microsoft.

(Vladislav Kozub) #12

Best thing about Microsoft for me is that their product range is hugely diversified, unlike FAANG guys, all of whom entirely depend on their core products.


MAGA ( Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon )

(Viktor) #14

Great question! I plan to buy Tesla first.


Amazon taking a beating today

US stocks we want! :eyes:

(Mathew) #16

What is the view for other North American Stocks, specifically Canada. I want to get involved in Namaste Technologies now the widespread legalization or weed is imminent!


Hi Everyone
With US fractional stocks fast approaching do the Freetrade Gurus know what the minimum purchase will be, is it likely to be £1 upwards for all US stocks in the Universe ?
Also I read in the press somewhere on a very old article that £10,000 + portfolios will be charged a 1% fee. Is this the case ?
Can’t wait for the US stocks :blush:
The app is superb :boom:

(Vladislav Kozub) #18

This is from a very old FT article. It is a blatant lie.

(Viktor) #19

False. It was a misunderstanding by the reporter, unfortunately.

Pricing info: https://freetrade.io/pricing/


I’m so glad I asked. I took it as true. Doubt came to my mind recently as I couldn’t find anything relating to the 1% anywhere.