Our users’ 5 top US stocks


(Harry) #2

This is great Toby!! Is this sort of commentary going to continue? Stock specific info etc. (this is an execution only platform, currently, so obviously not recommendations I know :slight_smile: )


We’ll likely do more insights for the future - glad you liked it!

(Andrew Clark) #4

I was surprised, given the cost of those specific shares, that they were coming out on top. Clearly I have less money than everyone else!

(Chris) #5

Are these the most bought by total value or number of shares?

(R) #6

This was interesting to read. I haven’t personally gone for any of those myself, though I do have some nasdaq trackers.
Apple’s future worrie me so I wouldn’t buy them, Tesla has too much volatility for me, Facebook sentiment puts me off. I’d be going for Amazon as a long term, but it’s a little expensive me until fractional.

Really enjoyed reading this though, makes it feel like a community.

(Philip Greenfield) #7

An interesting question! The US like high price per share compared to the UK so it does make a difference of we are talking about quantity or value.

That’s said I’m not seeing any surprises in this list!