One stock to rule them all

Anyone fancy dropping a stock in here which we will look back on in 2030 and wonder if that guy held on to it.

Ill start with HUI


3 decade hold.

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Hmm am i looking at 5he same one

Onon looks interesting. I hadn’t heard of it so was interesting to check it out.

A quick bit of research suggestes it already has a £10B market cap (Adidas is £30B) and is assesed on some measures as being overvalued by nearly double.

Reads as a solid company, but sounds like its done its major growth spurts already.



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I like amazon…its about 25% of my holdings.

So many areas still to grow into - AI, bigger football coverage presence, global operations, cloud storage, drone deliveries, grocery deliveries.

They are trying to take over the world!

Morally I dont necessarily agree, but its a good investment. (IMO)

Agree with amazon they have so much going for them

Maybe not as far as 2030 but 2028 at least… my hopes are on TM1 (even though i have temporarily sold out, but planning on buying back in soon)





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Kanobo and tesla is bold tbh

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also LVMH

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BMY (Bloomsbury) - already been holding for around 8 years and am at +139%, so will likely still be holding in 2030.

Harry Potter to the moon! :rocket:



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Invested in all them agree

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if i could pick any stock worthwhile holding with potential huge gains by 2030 would definately be rumble. for gains this year but the company might not survive longterm spce and take profits at the right time.

MVIS and LWLG. Have very high hopes for both as long as they don’t get bought out before then!

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2 stocks i wish i had feel like ive missed out tbg

Agronomics (ANIC) - cellular agriculture company. One of their investees, Liberation Labs is building a mass production precision fermentation lab (making milk without the cow) which goes into production 2024/5. This will serve as a scale up opportunity for companies like perfect day (their product is already on the market in the US). They have around 20 investees, including companies focussing on making leather (without slaughter), chicken (again no slaughter), blue fin tuna (no slaughter) amongst others.

McKinsey has made the assesment that the food angle of the cellular agriculture industry will be worth around $25bn by 2030

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