2030 stocks

What penny stocks or reasonably cheap stocks are you intrested in holding until around 2030.

Currently i have

Hydrogen utopia
Clean power hydrogen

Wont dare list mine as they are bound to crash, get delisted an/or bankrupt… ! Hopefully others will be able to share their thoughts.

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Pretty new to this…advice I have read is leave penny stocks alone :rofl:

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I have a rule of thumb with penny stocks dont invest in one you have no intrest with following long term

Dont agree with this tbh theirs plenty of decent bets long term in penny stocks

Im just saying what advice I have read…Im in no position to give any.

I can see the appeal…and a small percentage position is probably worth a go if you have a cuase you believe in.

All those i did invest in, i also believed in and planned for long term… still managed to lose 95+% on all of them and most are now delisted. Only remaining now for me is kod (only 5000 shares) and tm1 which is pretty much my entire portfolio since all the others are at -95+%

Im heavy in tm1 looks to have paid off . With my hudrogen stocks im expecting to be in red for years to come but im happy to keep averaging down. Only thing i avoid are tech stocks

If you’re expecting to be in the red for years to come wouldn’t a more sensible approach to be hold off buying until they are at a price you don’t see drifting further into the red?

I have my fair share of stocks in the red but it seems like madness to intentionally buy something you are expecting to drop in value. Why accept that and average down? Just figure out roughly where you think the price is going and start buying in from there?


Only reason im in deeeeep red on most of mine is newbie mistake of watching so called influencer on YT and in chat forums giving ‘professional advice and top tips’ … i did buy most of them when they were at , or very near historical lows thinking they could only go up… learnt hard lessons !

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Say tm1 i was in red for years nobody knows when the bottom is i have 11 stocks i out 400 monthly spread between all of them. Its worked for me and im significantly in the green

Sure no one can call the bottom but there’s a difference between doing that and buying into something that you reasonably “expect” to decrease in value over the medium term. The phrase “expecting” really gives the impression that you are confidant about how the companies SP is going perform, and in this case your prediction is not good.

I would question the wisdom of investing in anything you are “expecting” to decrease in value, rather than averaging into something you expect to generally be in the green and accepting the highs and lows as they then come.

I would say you are correct. Some people go against all common sense and investment advice because it seems like a faster way to get rich. Not investing in tech is also the cherry on top imo. Top tech companies have returned 500%-1200% in the last 10 years and make billions of dollars.

The answer to your question is that nobody knows what is the reasonable price of a penny stock (although a lot of people would say it is $0). Averaging down works because you are considering the company’s value, ability to make money and stability. Penny stocks don’t have this.

Over 90% of penny stocks fail so statistically you are very unlikely to make money trading them, even more so as a beginner. To me, this also seems againts all common sense.


Wish i had this advice before i spent hard earnt cash on penny stock losers

We’ve all made expensive mistakes with our hard earnt cash, if it makes you feel better, it is actually much better to make them in the beginning so you don’t make them when you have more money invested. The important thing is to learn from them and try not to repeat them.