Your favourite watchlist stock?

Getting a bit tired of my current watchlist, so thought it my be nice to go round saying the top stock we’re ogling at the moment.
My top right now could well be Snap, although I’m not holding atm the company itself has great potential, but the stock is very volatile and so could plummet at any moment.

Good post.

I’m watching the smaller cap tech stocks: I would include Snap in there, also Twitter, Etsy (expensive currently), Pinterest, Zoom (outrageously expensive), Slack, and Eventbrite among others. Eventbrite and Pinterest are my preferred options. I think they all have scalable business models, and due to their size are currently not really influenced by passive/ETF money flows.

Non-tech; Levi and Lululemon. Levi sell direct through amazon and there’s a good research piece on this as a retail model in a Bain & Co research paper.


I’ve got square on my watchlist currently, think that has potential for good growth but heard it’s coming under pressure from Microsoft who are releasing or have released a competitor to the model.

For me just now JNJ is top of my list, it’s getting absolutely hammered just now so it’s at a great buying opportunity.

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JNJ - a good opportunity to buy

3M I just loaded up on some more shares

Boeing looks interesting as well

Gray Television

Illumina - ILMN

Twilio, Uber, Cisco