Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2021

This thread is for entertainment purposes only.
Do your own research.
Nobody in this thread is giving financial advice.
The spreadsheet is also for entertainment only, but feel free to use it for your own records.

Please note the spreadsheet is LIVE and updates automatically in real time.

I’ll start. State the company and briefly why.

GGP - Greatland Gold. Has dropped 35% recently and trading at a huge discount. Easily 100% from here for me. I think 50p plus by year end but probably more. An exploration company turning into a miner listed on AIM. It has a partnership with NCM to build a mine at Havieron.

NIO - Nio looks set to soar with car ev sales soaring and China clamping down on combustion engine sales. As a state backed company it will do well. 100$ definitely what I’d expect to pay by end of year. Listed on US a bit more volatile than most as it is a China company.

ARB - Argo Blockchain is probably going to list on Nasdaq and currently holds a dual listing in US and on LSE. A crypto miner. If bitcoin soars this stock will fly. Down 35% from this years highs. Very volatile and swings are big.

I’m keen to hear of your expectations of the stocks that you are convinced will double.

I will edit this post and we will return to it throughout year.

Please say why and not just give a ticker.


I think with all the current SPAC hype, if PSTH stays below $30 before announcement it could double by the end of 2021.Obviously quite a lot of risk involved in this pick as is with most SPACs. I’ve got a hunch however it might be a certain company I’m bullish about… cough stripe cough.

Second company I think could double is Seeing Machines. I think there recent announcement with Qualcomm offers huge growth and at £426mil market cap, it’s is a steal IMO!

Obviously DYOR.


£CCL - Carnival Cruises

There has been a huge pent up demand for holidays and with loss of people having cancelled plan this looks like a good value pick to me. As soon as we can vaccinate the silver sailors (not sure if I’ve just made that term up) they’ll be back and upgrading cabins all over the shop.

$LMND - Lemonade

Insurance is a very fat business full of tasty margins that is ripe for disruption. Once they start to roll out a suite of products they are set to scale fast. Having paid out a claim in seconds using AI they really look like an exciting business. Maybe 100% in a year is a bit much but do able.


CCIV if they merge with Lucid, and possibly Arrival too.

And GGP :+1: with the new CEO and actual mining starting.

I like to think Palantir might finally justify some of the hype if they get a few more commercial contracts.


OCDO - Ocado Group. Recovered back to near all time highs and still unprofitable. However, Ocado are expanding their solutions worldwide building strong relationships with partners. They are investing into AI, Robotics, Vertical Farming, delivery technologies. AI/robotics will help them build their CFC’s faster. The pandemic has accelerated customer behaviours therefore, Ocado is in a great position. Who knows Amazon could acquire Ocado.

DOCU - Docusign & LMND - Lemonade. Both reduce the use of paper and improve user productivity and efficiency. Both companies have grown their user bases rapidly and continue to do so. It’s seeing if they can keep hold of them for a life time.

ITM - ITM Power & CWR Ceres Power
These two have been talked about quite a bit on the community so if you need info see the pages.

One that’s not on Freetrade yet but hope it will be is AppHarvest. which is a SPAC [NOVS] The company delivered its first produce this month to the likes of Kroger etc. Indoor vertical farming is growing as its efficient, environmental positive (apart from the upfront build) and over time the need to import veg/fruit could be reduced.


Oh, interesting idea for a thread!

I think Blackberry (BB) will double by the end of the year. And I’m not basing that on the current dip, let’s take the $18 a share of mid-week and predict a $36 price within 12 months.

Forget all the noise from redditors on Wall Street Bets that dragged it up alongside GameStop and others this last week, here’s why I think it’s criminally underpriced right now:

*Settled long-running patent dispute with Facebook.

*Partnership with Amazon on IVY and it’s use in autonomous cars / connected city applications. Huge potential, in my opinion.

*Partnership with Baidu on automotive tech.

(All above announced this month alone)

QNX software is in use in lots of next gen cars and is being adopted by more and more OEMs as standard embedded OS platform upon which to run the increasingly advanced sensors being designed and implemented as the entire automotive industry shifts into technology.

It’s also used by Space-X to run avionics systems, so possibly will find its way into Tesla too…?

Buy and hold for me. DYOR, obviously.



-15th Fastest growing listed business in the world after Zoom/Peloton/JustEast/Peloton/Doordash/Square/Etsy/Snowflake/Afterpay/Teladoc/Delivery Hero/Sea/Shopify/Crowdstrike/Mercadolibre

-Revenue guidance for this quarter recently revised up by 15% to 77%-84% YoY

-Superbowl on February 7th will be a huge catalyst - see the chart on how the subscriber base is already building up

-Disney owns 10%. One of the first Roku investors and board member is on Fubo’s board

-Recently acquired a sports betting company and currently integrating it for very precise betting capabilities

-User growth is sustainable and going through the roof

-Revenue per user increasing steadily

-with $400mln revenue and $3bln market cap, trading at a very reasonable 7.5x revenue multiple


And here is Fubo’s subscriber growth in January - already on the way to the moon. I expect it to double in the next 3 months. Growth will keep significantly increasing next two weeks due to Superbowl, and after that virality will do its thing.


These 3 have impressed me across 2020 and I think they will all have a great year, they have great teams running them and have been true to their progress roadmaps even in a pandemic

Gfinity - #GFIN - John Clarke has transformed this company since he took over in March 2020. They were burning through cash before that but the current team have turned that around, Esports and gaming is a massive growth area, they are just breaking into profitability and when the cash does start to flow in I think they will put in to great use

Power Metals - #POW - With 11 exploration projects running around the globe searching for Gold, Nickel, PGMs, Copper, Cobalt, Silver I think just one half decent strike could lead to double. I personally think they will have several decent discoveries

Escape Hunt - #ESCE - They have grown during a pandemic that hammered most of the high street based firms, they acted fast pushed on with the virtual side thats worth even more than the high street model.


It’ll be beyond 2021 that this really picks up, IMO.


Been keeping an eye on them for a while. The price has been on the slide of late so could be tempted.


No mention of Freetrade yet… :slightly_smiling_face:


TSLA - Because it doesn’t make sense


What I plan on doing is creating a spreadsheet and then I’ll personally throw some of my own portfolio at it to keep it entertaining.


Brave NIO price target of $110 there - I certainly hope so!

I guess a couple of mine would be:

Agrify (AGFY) - set for massive revenue growth this year, and should trade at a premium sales multiple to the retailers in the indoor farming space but currently at a discount. Also don’t know how many NASDAQ listed high growth stocks you can find trading for under $150m.

MelodyVR (MVR) - this is a little dependent on how well the new combined Napster/MVR app is launched but at only £75m I think this is criminally underappreciated. Not much to choose from in VR and I fundamentally believe it will be huge (think it’s currently being treated as a bit of a fad due to the slow innovation). Likely to get a boost in users due to 5G rollout and telecom bundles.

AST Spacemobile (NPA/ASTS) - bit speculative but I can’t think of many SPACs that have a chance of paying healthy dividends by the middle of the decade. Big industry backing, Ark’s space ETF and growing interest around that will see it above $5bn by year end imo (we’ll see how that one turns out).

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You’re probably right - it’s on my watch list but I’m too much of a coward to jump in!

SIG - price hasnt recovered much. Is a european buildings/insulation company. probably going to have a few problems with brexit

Card factory - assuming successful vaccine rollout, severley depressed price, ok financially.

Raytheon - same as card factory

I look forward to revisiting this thread in 11 months !

For clarity, the first one is SIG Plc, ticker SHI. It took me a while to find it as there are two other companies with ticker SIG (one on LSE and one on NYSE).
From a quick look the main concern with this one will not only be Brexit but also the large debt, falling revenue and lack of profits (based on the 2019 accounts on Yahoo finance). From my view, it may work out, but thorough research is required. I’ll see if I can find some time as insulation sounds like something that will still be required :slight_smile:. Also it seems to have factories in Europe also so I guess that it might not be too complicated to sell products from factories that operate there. A bit like a Japanese company such as Nissan selling cars produced in the UK, to UK customers.

I think I will look into the three of them, particularly Card Factory and Raytheon sound like they may be very interesting :slight_smile:.

Lemonade - as others say, it seems to be ripe to disrupt further

Ncino - in the depths of disrupting, and a small market cap

Palantir - I’m not even fully sure why, but the positive spin and strong leadership team with large government contracts as case studies seems to be a good mix

I believe in an above comment it’s mentioned that Qualcomm is in the millions market cap, its circa 180 billion… however I agree this seems low considering it’s input into the processor game. Though MAC, MSFT moving into ARM processors and Intel having positive recent news means the processor game will be interesting… even if they’re focussed on different devices

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I think Intel have some room to grow. They didn’t really take off like many of the other tech stocks did during the pandemic, however, a bit of innovation and positive earning reports could see them head towards doubling but I think I might be being optimistic. Definitely one to watch.

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