Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2022

With the end of the year not far away, I thought I’d start a new ‘bagger’ stock discussion for 2022!

-This thread is for entertainment purposes only-

Last year @Rollingskies kindly made a live updating excel sheet to track the guesses. I’ve no idea how to do this :joy:

A link to this years spreadsheet:


Greatland gold :pick::pick:🪤


I just looked at last year’s spreadsheet, pretty poor considering we were on a big bull run coming out of the Pandemic crash. Most picks were in the red.

I just went through my portfolio, none of them I think will double in the next year, but a few should increase by 2x over the next 5 years.

If I had to pick a 1 year 2x bagger, I would go for Alibaba as I’ve just bought it and then Rolls Royce. Although already up 47% on it.


Thanks for setting up Paul :slight_smile:

Could you please amend mine to just ‘Grab’ please … It’s ‘Arrival’ (ARVL) for 2023 … I’ll add that to 2023 thread TY.

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Aviva, BT and Taylor Wimpy would be nice :slight_smile:

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So are we going to take the price from the 1st trading day in January as the start of this one. I’ll hold out on my pick for now as alot can happen between now and the end of the year.


My guess is Lemonade (LMND).


I’m going to give my picks closer to the end of the year. A lot can happen in 6 weeks!


Cyber, Cyber, Cyber!

I’ll post my suggestions in December.

Stocks like $NET aka CloudFlare may have very good years too.

Alibaba may bounce back.

Shell and BP I expect to return to pre-pandemic prices.


$NGCA - Assuming the Virgin Orbit reverse merger happens.


I’ll take a punt on Intellia (NTLA), It’s doubled for me this year. Could it do it again? who knows? not I :laughing:

I’ll say Affirm, AFRM, I’ve been holding since I joined FT, and it’s currently doing incredibly well after partnering with amongst others, Apple in Canada, shopify, Costco and Amazon with more to come. My average from April 21 is $75. As of today it’s $148.47, up 35% in the last month alone and for me 97%overall. Their next earnings report will be incredible.

Also skinbiotherapeutics, SBTX, following fantastic results from clinical studies and also the development of other products launching from October onwards. Next year is definitely a big one for them.

ITX, Itaconix working on biodegradable polymers in paints plastics and cleaning products.

Back to the US, and awaiting results and approvals, AVXL is developing treatments for dementia, central nervous disease, Alzheimer’s, Rhett, autism All trials have been amazing so far.

……also NRXP, awaiting imminent approval on their formulation for critical covid treatment.

These are picking up as we speak and about to soar….but not financial advice, do your own DD/ research.


Closing price @ 31/December/2021 I would say

Edit: start and finish point will be the same from one period to the next, if that makes sense


Argo Blockchain

Ticker: ARB

Once Texas is open for business :rocket:


Greatland Gold

Helium One


In that case, I’ll have to redo my picks then most likely. Seems a bit premature to start the thread lmao.

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Yes. But someone decided to start it…

It also gives ample time to come up with an idea. Two months.

I think we should think off a cut off date for suggesting stocks for the 2022 list.

I’m thinking of the 21 December 2021 @ 15:58 UK (Greenwich) time. Cuz winter solstice.

Establishing a cut off date so many days before the starting point has advantages and disadvantages.

Conveniently, the 31 December 2021 is a Friday. We could choose the cut off date for submitting suggestions to coincide with the market close in the US markets, which will be at 2.00pm local time/7.00pm UK time.

In either case, the purpose is to allow decisions to be made before the train leaves the station. When it leaves we can all watch. Only


Angle Plc for me UK
Gan ltd in US


I’ve just noticed the start point for the Freetrade Baggers 2021 edition is the 31 January 2021. For the sake of continuity, I think I’m going to void most of what I said previously. No more 31 December. Let’s keep 31 January as both start and end point: market at closing prices on the 31 January 2022. They’re all arbitrary anyway…

What would the cut off date be? There’s no solstice nor equinox in January… anything will do for me, but I do think we must not accept suggestions after de beginning of the period

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In that case, I’ll also cut my contest off at the same date.