FTSE 100

I want to invest in FTSE 100 but I don’t support tobacco, is there a way to buy with American Tabaco?


No, because it wouldn’t be the FTSE100 anymore. There are no-vice etfs generally, but the only one on Freetrade are shariah compliant ones I think. And I’m not even sure that they exclude tobacco.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with the FTSE 100, have you looked into the S&P 500?


I would also recommend you take a look at S&P 500, well worth your time.

It’s a shame that this is the thought for most investors including myself. Oh how the mighty have stagnated…

I hope these UK fintechs turn into unicorns so they can bring some life back into the FTSE 100.

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Its probably one of the worst indexes to track with lowest returns.

I’d suggest you do some research. Check out the Unofficial freetrade baggers thread for great ideas.

But I’d start with VWRL EWI EQQQ AND SMT for etfs if I did them

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Defo, even the FYSE 250 looks more appealing.

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Have a look at a chart of FTSE 100 with dividends reinvested. There are a lot of dividend payers in the index, It’s actually not bad on total return, even though the chart looks crap if it doesn’t include the divis

Averages ~7% per year with dividends reinvested

The s&p 500 has done better, but that does rely on a few very large tech firms making up the bulk of the gains

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I’ve just posted the total return chart. Generally it follows DAX and CAC40 but has struggled since the pandemic probably due to being so dividend heavy

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Yeah, I expect Brexit hasn’t helped either in the short term. longer term we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Also FTSE 100 is Oil and resources heavy. Oil hasn’t bounced back yet, although the miners have been doing OK

I don’t think our dumbass government is helping much either :laughing:

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