Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2022

I’ve just revisited this thread

In there, @Rollingskies the proponent and heavy lifter established the beginning of the period as 31 January 2021 and the end of the period as 31 December 2021.

Please forgive me for changing my mind again. That’s what I do when I become aware of the facts.

I hereby void what I said previously suggested about start and end point on 31 January. Let’s respect the initial proposition and keep the 31 December 2021 ad end point for 2021. And use it as starting point for the 2022 game. The same principle would apply for 2023, 2024…

I hope I didn’t skip any relevant info this time. Changing my mind about a game is tiresome.

Some self serving good news though: there’s a chance for the winter solstice after all

I think Alibaba is a good to think about too


I’d like to think Aston Martin will at least treble or quadruple in the next three years, so I will take a punt on them to hopefully double in the 12 months :crossed_fingers:

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And welcome to the forum, mate!

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I think a few Chinese stock have the potential to double in 22, including Alibaba and NIO.

Also, I’d go with:

  • Upstart
  • Sofi
  • Darktrace
  • Pubmatic (would be nice!)

Hi All a great feature would be the ability to have a Virtual portfolio where you could try out various strategies and see the outcomes. Other strategies such as only buying 0.5-1% of your portfolio in any one stock and automatically selling if any rise by 2% or so . After you are up a reasonable overall amount for the year sell the lot and start again with the higher capital. A good game to try virtually . If brave enough to try for real at least you can use the capital gains loss if in a general account LOL

TGR for me. Currently undervalued, sitting nicely at support and one bit of news could double it IMO


A month ago I would have said HSBA from the £3.58 mark, doubt there’s any realistic prospect of doubling from current level/trend if we’re starting in January.

If I could add another company, it would be Silvergate Capital. I’ve been hyping them for like a year, as crypto grows, they will grow. Up about 100% on them atm.

They provide banking and financial infrastructure to crypto companies and exchanges. Just have a quick read of a few articles or their website and you’ll see what they do. They’re an established bank, relatively small, about 30 years old I believe and they were one of or the first bank to start providing banking services to crypto companies.

Regardless of the price of crypto/Bitcoin, their revenue should increase as crypto adoption increases and more services and transactions are built on top of it.


Why do you think Aston is good investment considering they are only going hybrid on few models and nowhere near electric. New Roadster will almost be AM killer and will have to depend on mass market SUV sales I would think to grow.


Draper Espirit
Up fintech
MGC Pharma
Kodal minerals
Deepmatter group

Lawrence Stroll’s track record, the potential for the brand is huge.

If you have a spare 40 mins and are interested then this is a great listen.

Also I’m not too caught up on all this rush to EV. I think although the sentiment is well intended, the world will realise that it’ll be far too complicated to meet this 2030 deadline the likes of the UK and others are committing to. It’ll be pushed back at least 10 years to 2040 in reality in my opinion.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that by 2025 Aston Martin will be Formula 1 World Champions, to sit alongside a great range of road cars with fantastic sales figures.

If that were to be the case it would make today’s share price look ridiculously cheap.

I agree there will likely be some false dawns in terms of profitability and when growth reaches a tipping point, but investment wise my approach to it is if the market seems to overheat I’ll realise some gains (perhaps dilute holdings) and if it seems to have sufficiently or over-compensated then buy back in. Over the long term (10-15 years) EV seems a sound investment, but there is a stronger-than-typical case for seeking to time the market in my opinion.

Bricks and mortar for me - Inland homes - no negative news from them through the pandemic, they just seem to have been forgotten and are languishing for no reason I can discern unless anyone out there knows better?

Those crashed too, you just don’t have a realtime price for it. Here in London rent was cheaper by up to 40% last year.

Materials and labour are the biggest headwinds facing the construction industry in the short term. If inflation keeps on creeping up it’ll need a rate rise to deal with it, this will push up mortgage costs.

2022 should be alright for housing but I’m less confident about 2023.

Source - Work for a FTSE100 developer.

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IONQ is a stock I like, Quantum Computing is the future.


I think Affirm to. Also today Barclays Adjusts Affirm Holdings’ Price Target to $175 from $140, and keeps it’s Overweight Rating. Which means Barclays thinks it will outperform other stocks in Affirms sector.

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3 from my portfolio:

  1. Oatly (OTLY)

Down over 50% from its IPO highs. Not sure it’s a bagger within a year because of cash burn and negative net earnings. But it’s a no-brainer that dairy milk is extremely environmentally unsustainable and consumers will increasingly reduce their use of it. Dairy milk substitutes will be a huge growth area. Just extrapolating the amount of it used daily by coffee chains is huge. As many people don’t get on with soya products and nut milks are not the best for coffee, I think Oat milk is well positioned to be a major dairy milk substitute. Oatly’s cream substitute products are good too. For me, over 5 years this is a multi bagger.

  1. Tilray (TLRY)

Tilray, Inc. is one of the largest cannabis companies globally with reported revenue of $513M in FY21. Tilray is involved in recreational and medical cannabis research, cultivation, production, and distribution in Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Latin America, New Zealand, Poland, and Portugal.

In the US, cannabis remains prohibited but as of Oct '21, some form of medical cannabis is legalized in 43 US states. 32 of these states have decriminalized cannabis and there is growing support for its legalization amongst Democratic and Republican politicians. The SAFE Banking Act and The MORE Act are examples of this.

It will be slow but eventually the law will change. Now trading at multi-year lows, it may not be in the next 12 months but eventually this sector will achieve explosive growth.

  1. Desktop Metal (DM)

Now trading at all time lows, I believe 3D printing as an alternative to more traditional manufacturing techniques is a huge growth area.

  • Eurasia Mining (EUA) if it hasn’t sold it’s assets by then that is