Freetrade Baggers - Stocks you think will double in 2022

When does this start? Desktop Metal up 23% today…!

Greatland Gold

And for reasons completely beyond me I wouldn’t be surprised if we are sitting here December 2022 with Tesla shares at over $2,000


Think its going to start this properly in December. Can’t have that 23% not count in the game - I hope it counted in real life!


Yep, I’ll be making my guess pre New Year drinks :rofl: Hard to guess now in case the stock grows huge before the start of 2022.


Most certainly counted in real life! :pray:


Just cashed out of DM. I know it’s a year long bagger competition but happy with 30% on a two week swing trade. Will buy back in on first daily oversold RSI once IWM consolidates and the growth equities follow suit.

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$NET is up 60% this month. Not a bad suggestion from myself if I must say so :wink:

Cyber is doing well too :wink:

I’ll add NVDA and AMD. Am long on both (invested via HL ISA back in 2016) and recently after the stock split, picked up more NVDA via FT ISA. Only wish I’d bought more AMD.

Also agree with Affirm, am up 165% and only bought a few months ago.

Also Lucid and possibly Ford (which is up 118% for me). And ASTS, I want to pick up more but can’t till end of the month. Space based cellular broadband.

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I am a huge fan of Alibaba.

They’ve got such strong financial position and are massively undervalued. A current ratio of 2 (or thereabouts) and where long-term debt is considerably lower than their working capital.

BABA is a great Chinese staple with many years of outstanding growth ahead of it in one of the biggest economies in the world. Indeed, China is said to overtake the United States in the near-future. I think that the political risk is overstated. China’s trajectory will mean it has play ball for international investment which makes me think that the holding company, ADR structured, President Xi … In fact, in many ways, I actually support the recent interventions by the CCP in the market-place.

I expect the stock price to languish in the short-term. The long-term will be great, I expect.


I had the same thoughts on Alibaba. Do you have any other stocks you’ve looked at recently?

I saw your other post on margin of safety, which is similar to how I think. I picked up some Rolls Royce, BP and Shell, and some airlines that I thought were trading at below their value, looking at things like PE ratio, Price to Sales, comparing it to their own historic values and their industries.

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Possibly the hut group it is 204 currently it could easily be double in a year won’t help the people who paid 6 or 7 per share I suppose.

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From my more speculative pot I could see Chewy/Roku/Docu taking a “covid is over” dip then doubling up as they move into demonstrating consistent profits and BAU growth. My worry is how much they dip before that happens.

From my normal pot, I could see Activision doing really well once they get past the Blizzard culture/staffing issues and make some good progress on the Diablo and Overwatch releases.

They won’t double but Transunion and Adyen are the other ones I expect good things from.

Edit: if we’re only allowed 1 entry per person, I’ll go DOCU

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  1. Standard Lithium
  2. American Lithium
  3. Podpoint
  4. Alphawave

TLRY up 14% today. Just need the laggard OTLY to report an earnings surprise and i’ll have a hat-trick of oversold bounces.

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Does anyone think there is huge potential in Amigo (AMGO.L)? Trading at over 20x current prices just over 2 years ago.

The stock has been fairly stable for almost 6 months now, after they said they may file for insolvency, but surely if they were going to do that they’d have done it by now?

Could do with finding out what the timescale and ramifications are for any legal proceedings still hanging over them?

Alphawave £AWE i think will do well in the months and year to come👍

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Has anybody got any insight to £AWE for 2022?

Ive just bought £POD & £AWE so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Well the FT report prompted a huge drop in its share price. Also the SEC investigating. There are some fishy things with this company. I’d attempt to google and find out a bit more.

I hope you are not trying to pump the price to recoup losses you have made.

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Hello there,

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, apart from BABA. I am a shareholder in the following (although, I wouldn’t classify them as a bagger):

$QFIN (360 DigiTech) - There was some grief earlier in the summer when the Chinese regulators ordered their finance app to go offline while they sorted out the issues raised. I bought in then. It’s got an incredible ROI and I got it at a PE ratio of 2 or 3. It’s one of the darlings of the Chinese Fintech sector & it’s been brutally battered right now. The beauty of such a very low PE ratio (3,4, etc…) is that you don’t really need super growth. Just holding such a stock with a 25% ROI is great. The growth rate is impressive and chances are the Chinese economy will thrive in the future. (They’ve also announced some $200m share buybacks - which is so much better than a dividend).

$DOYU (DouYu International) - Chinese regulators restricted of online videogames for kids. This affected Doyu & Huya (& Tencent). Although DouYu will take a hit with the whole gaming sector (maybe? who knows? I suspect kids will still be playing video games one-way-ro-another), but DouYu’s principal revenue is from streaming services not actual games. At any rate, the stock is dead cheap. Practically, at tangible book value (cash on hand).

$PDD (Pinduoduo) - It’s the Alibaba’s younger cousin. It’s a mobile agriculture-focused commerce platform in which consumers get bargains by shopping together. It’s growth has been v. impressive having turned a profit a quarter-or-so ago. Also, it’s operating profit margins are great. It is absurdly cheap. I bought stock when the share price recently hit $98 and then $78 recently. I really like this company and I think the Chinese-exodus has given us a fabulous opportunity.

(I have INTEL on my watchlist, and I keep Rightmove Plc. I think RMV is a fabulous company (62% net profit margins are breathtaking!!! It’s a money-making machine. But I can’t justify a PE ratio of 40-odd.).

I also have a few shares of Baidu.

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