A complete novice to investing

Hello all,

It’s been a little while but I have just posted a new update of my portfolio on the blog.

Would love for the community to check it out and pass on any feedback! (+ or -!)



P.s should I have posted this some place else please forgive me :grinning:


Nice! Also nice work with CRISPR I think I’ve missed the boat. And I missed the Editas boat I feel as well. Waiting for the dump (hopefully) of them both so I can buy in

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:pray: @shane-aurora yes I think CRISPR is a fascinating company, the potential could be enormous!


What concern is it for Unilever?

They’re down the past couple of months but that’s not really a consideration on its own in the long run. At least not without some other factors.

It isn’t so much that I am concerned but rather I do not yet know if it is a stock I would be prepared to continually invest in. I have such a small position right now its neither here nor there but in practice and going forward I only want to be holding stocks that I see myself holding for 10+ years - thanks for reading :+1:

Do you think it would still be worth looking to invest in CRISPR or wait a while?
I remember seeing a Youtube video by kurzgesagt about it a while back and it sounded incredible.
I understand that the recent increase is due to a new therapy being relased but i don’t want to just buy it if it’s on a high and they do a complete Elon and mess it up!

PB is 6.65 and PS is 19.31. Too rich for my blood (genes) at this time

Worth reading into their shareholder documents.

I’ve only started looking at them in more detail and have a very small number of shares with them. They’ve done well over the past year with 5% growth in their share price and a 3% dividend. They’re probably not one to consider a growth stock though but they’ve done well.

Certainly lots to consider with them.

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With CRISPR Therapeutics, it’s important to be aware the recent rises are down to results from two patients. It’s therefore high risk, but also potentially high reward. I would not say you’ve missed the boat, but you’ll need a strong stomach to stay on board.

Two patients :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: yes I’m aware I follow biotechs. In my book I have… if I see a rapid gain like that I don’t ride the wave I simply follow my own valuation of a company. I look for a margin of safety. The rapid growth is not within my margin of safety. Simple as

I’d be interested to hear about how you prefer to value biotech stocks :+1: I find it difficult, and consequently have no direct biotech holdings.

I’ve got money in CRISPR too - up 40%. But I expect it to be VERY volatile - when it makes a lot of money then trim some off of the top, don’t get too greedy. But I think in the long run it is a worthwhile bet.

Are you concerned about your portfolio being extremely over-leveraged towards TESLA? I like the stock but it’s a volatile one!

PB and PS are very important for companies with no earnings. I look at a few other financial stuff. I want to see improving margins but also FDA hearings upcoming as well as any announced partnerships. Obviously look at the drug(s) as well that goes without saying

I use gurufocus for my research on biotechs and then look at the news and their website etc.
For instance look at this profile on Atossa genetics (my pick for the league). They are 0.94 price to book. I’ll take that all day at $1.44 a share. I own 20 but I’ll be purchasing more middle of the month


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Hello all,

I have recently redesigned the website.

All feedback welcome of course!