[Request] Progenity Inc (PROG)

Progenity, Inc., a biotechnology company, provides develops and commercializes molecular testing products in the United States.

This is flying. Can people see why I am disappointed with the adding of user requested tickers from freetrade.


When FT roll out a large batch of stock this in many cases because their American partner now support them. Individual request will incur costs and so there needs to be a demonstrated demand for them. You also need to bare in mind they’re not likely to add small cap penny stocks as this goes against their stated ambition of being in the long term wealth creation business and not day / sentiment trading.

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Just get an account with a different broker for these stocks. You could have bought ages ago.

I have my ISA with Freetrade.

Get a GIA with a different broker then. £12 300 tax free should be enough if you’re not an extreme high roller. But then you wouldn’t mind paying HL fees anyway I guess :smiley:

I’m going to wait for trading 212 to open again, theyve literally had every ticker I’ve requested on here.

@sampoullain any chance Prog can be added this week?

Please add progenity $prog

I’ve already started a thread for this. Make sure you use the search function.


Bump for this. this still hasent popped yet. Come on freetrade.

*Cough cough

It would be great if FT could acknowledge some of these to know if we’re wasting our time waiting for them or if we need to buy them on another platform.

Mare forget it. This ain’t going to happen anytime soon unfortunately. I’ve tried hard to get some tickers added. But it’s been for a lost cause. Freetrade ain’t playing ball.

Up 15% today. Damn it.

How has this still not been added after 6 weeks!

Tell me about it. I’ve given up asking for tickers. Will be moving brokers before the next ISA season. Had enough of this. Can’t trade what we want. We’re just getting tickers added no one has asked for.

By the way this is up 30% today lol

I know, it’s painful to watch :pensive:

They will probably add it when its too late…