Share variety

I have very much enjoyed the platform over the last couple of weeks and I believe that this is exceptionally disruptive, and will succeed.

However the amount of shares on the platform available is lacking.

There are some FTSE100 company’s not listed on FT - how can FT expect to grow customers when you cannot buy EZJ or RR to name a couple.

I fear that FT is focusing more efforts on US stocks

It seems each share I wish to purchase is unavailable on FT but is on other platforms - if we want to win share of sector then more shares are required…

Any comment from the FT team ?

The stock request vote system is very well and good but there are shares with many votes but no action.


The ones from the FTSE that you mentioned require nationality declaration. This is on the roadmap, but requires additional work.

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Yes I know that this is on the roadmap - but given that these particular stocks have been under review for some time I wonder how quickly other stocks of interest can be added and how reactive FT can be.

Happy to be part of the FT journey.


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Hey @Foodman, thanks for the message.

Firstly, we have prioritised an upcoming large batch of US stocks mainly because they are the most-requested here on the forum. And also, because the work to add them dovetails nicely with fractional shares, which is launching to beta users this week.

As @SebReitz mentions, nationality declaration is indeed something which requires additional work, but it is definitely something that will be closer on our agenda following the upcoming release of fractionals and 250 more US stocks.

Thanks for the support, and stay tuned — we hear you!



Thanks for the response.

I’ve asked before - what is FT’s direction/thoughts of adding more speculative AIM shares?

Many thanks.


They don’t like speculative AIM shares in general, if you were only using Freetrade you would have missed out on all of the huge pharma risers of the past two months (NCYT, SNG, AVCT) to name but three.

It’s one of the major drawbacks right now as far as I’m concerned. Hargreaves have the entire UK stock universe to choose from & that is a very important aspect for me. If I read a positive RNS from an AIM stock, I want to be able to have the choice to buy it in my ISA. US stocks are interesting, but it’s high time more £20 - £100m market caps were added so users can speculate accumulate as well as holding ETFs and large caps for the long term.

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I personally think how they are currently spliting up companies into sectors and creating a “homepage” in the discover section, this could lead to them adding AIM / All UK stocks in the ‘see all’ or search just minus the company logo etc. if the stock starts seeing a lot of volume via the app then they can priotise to making it look nicer

Please could someone show me where I can find a fairly technical explanation on why Freetrade has to incorporate tickers one by one instead of being able to tap into one market (e.g. NASDAQ, LSE PLMM, AIM, Euronext, etc.) and have access to all of what is traded in each?

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