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New to Freetrade and like the refreshing app etc. Not particularly pleased that not all stocks are available (well kinda knew that before joining but thought wouldn’t be a problem). Having been with a Bristol based platform you kind of get used to having world stocks at your fingertips. So to make Freetrade more dependable platform you should have all FTSE350 stocks at the least. Period.

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We’re always open to adding more so if there’s any that you want to invest in, please do create a #stock-requests topic for them.

But we’re not aiming to completely cover the FTSE 350 in the near future -

In case you haven’t seen it, I shared an update about our plans for stock additions earlier this week -

I’ve moved this topic to the #ideas category because adding the whole of the FTSE 350 would be a product decision, whereas #stock-requests are requests for individual stocks.

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I feel so confused. What does Bristol have to do with anything?

Please don’t.


He is talking about Hargreaves Lansdown. I agree every stock on the FTSE 350 and S&P 500 should be included, and I’m sure it will be, over time.


For me, aside from the poll tax-style Isa pricing model which undermines the company’s stated mission, a lack of range is the No 1 problem with Freetrade.

The “stock universe” is more of a microcosm, with a few hundred shares rather than the many thousands offered by competitors.

When I’m picking a platform – before even considering fees, features and so on – I want to know that it offers all the securities I want to invest in.

It’s a pretty poor user experience to search for a major company, such as BA. or IAG, find it is unavailable, request it and pray that it proves popular enough.

I’m concerned that expanding the offer doesn’t seem to be being given enough priority either. Unfortunately, I think you may struggle to win and retain customers as a result.

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Unfortunately we’re unable to include BA in our stock universe at the moment because they were a nationality declaration which we don’t yet support. But there should be very few exceptions at this point, we’re confident that we’ve covered most well known brands in the UK & a large selection of US stocks. We’ll be adding a lot more in the future.

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Thanks for the update. However, not all UK brands may be investible and some of the best performaing stocks may not be UK household names.
I agree with Christopher that the limited stock availability is a major drawback for the platform for me. But perhaps suitable for other investors - it is a personal choice and Freetrade has been clear on that.
I will perhaps wait before I open ISA with your guys.

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