List all of LSE & AIM

Can’t you just list all of LSE and AIM? In fact, list all the S&P, DOW, NYSE, RUSSELL 2000 too.
Then, once you’ve done that list all of TOPIX, NIKKEI, Hong Kong, Singapore, India.
And … when you can, list Shenzhen.
I have a long list of stocks I’m interested in. Some I’m already invested in on other platforms. Voting for stocks is a sloooooow way of doing things. Be careful as Robinhood UK will take your business.


We’d love to list the stocks from all of those markets! But for now, we have to take things step by step & the #stock-requests help us to prioritise what to add next.

Here’s some more details about why we haven’t done this yet -

& here’s our latest update on the process -

I’ve moved this topic to #freetrade-chat because at the moment, no matter how many votes this gets, we wouldn’t be able to do this. I hope that’s ok.


Mary, you are the one! Determined and succint.

I really love your approach. Let’s hope they can hear your impassioned plea and get us what we want.

Can you imagine a UK platform that gives us access to the Shenzhen exchanges, HK exchanges and the Nikkei, with no limits?

They would be winners!

Thank you so much for posting.:hugs:

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Thanks for connecting, Andrew.
We’re going to have to be patient for Freetrade to grow, and learning patience is important when it comes to investing.
It would certainly be great to have more exposure to China but I’m not holding my breath that we’ll be able to buy from the Shenzhen market anytime soon as I’ve got a feeling there’s a lot of politics around getting access to that exchange.
There are online brokers like Degiro that offer access to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong if your are looking to get into those markets.

All the best with your investing. :smiley:

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When stocks will be added based off stock requests is there a certain vote number that FT has in mind before it getting added?

If not, is there a running list of stocks you guys have agreed to add in the following month?


There’s no set threshold, the number of votes is one of the things that help guide us which stocks to add next.

There isn’t a set list of stocks that we’ll add either, although we’ll do our best to add companies that’ve gone public recently.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for those words, Mary.

Funny enough, I have got Degiro…not a bad platform, compared to legacy brokerage houses in the UK.

Have a great weekend and happy investing😊

Are stocks added once you can estimate that they will have a certain level of interest from users? I assume you need a certain value in £s of the daily buy order in order for the stock to make economic sense for Freetrade.

I.e. you need £1,000 of the basic buy order per day in order for the revenue from users to cover the exchange charges. If you had some low volume stock and I was the only user buying it and putting in a £2 order every day then this would be unsustainable.