New stocks in the app 11/01/19

We added a new ETF, trust and stock this week - we’ll be adding more each week!

Remember to go to the request section to get yours submitted.


Cineworld eh :eyes: quick as a flash :eagle:

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Don’t forget that you can still queue basic orders while the market’s closed this weekend :eyes:

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I thought new stocks were going to be flagged as such in the app? Is that not live yet?

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They will but not quite yet. This’ll be included when we share our open roadmap.


Could we be in for any stock additions today ?
I know we’re all greedy :v::pig2::man_cartwheeling::woman_cartwheeling::freetrade:

I really want to know why stocks like Costco are missing, I know GBPUSD is weak so it makes less sense to be buying US stocks over UK stocks (right now), but why do we have Debenhams and no Costco.

Personally we should not even have Debenhams, it’s at huge risk of going bust this year.

Not quite, we add new stocks on Fridays at the moment :soon:


I really need the “GVC Holdings” to be added to the available stock list this week. I’ve been trying to hold back buying this for about a month, but if it’s not available this week I’m going to look to buy it using another online broker. :frowning:

We’re planning to add US stocks on a monthly basis from now on, in larger batches.

We’re no better at predicting the fortunes of stocks than anyone else :sweat_smile: so we’ll make stocks that people request available & then let investors choose whether they invest or not.


This week could be your week :smile:

What about the remaining stocks on the FTSE 250? Like Paragon Banking Group and Berkeley Group Holdings etc.

We’ll carry on adding more stocks based on people’s votes in #stock-requests on a weekly basis.

You can keep track of what’s been added here Stock additions 🤳.

Alex, if you can make this happen this week I’ll buy you and the team a round of beers during one of the upcoming meet up’s. :slight_smile:

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Tempting! :laughing: you can make us even happier by investing the money instead though :muscle:

Lol, I’m reworking my portfolio as we speak in readiness for GVC hopefully appearing on the list during tomorrow, ahead of their end of year investor/analyst presentation scheduled for Tuesday morning. Nice one. :slight_smile:

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IMHO they’re a solid stock

Be nice to see in FT

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lol. I don’t want the announcement on Tuesday to be too positive as I’m hoping that the share price will remain fairly depressed for a while yet (below £7), thus allowing me to buy into this on a monthly basis for at least the next year or so. I just want to hear that they have hit their numbers, market conditions look fine, that they are paying off the debt. (M&A activity), they are making efficiency savings, and that we all just need to have faith in the long term strong fundamentals of the business. This is a slow burn, long term play for me, but if my thinking is correct then it should be quite profitable. :wink:

I’m certainly not a professional investor and this is just my personal view, so always do your own due diligence, etc.


I don’t like gambling companies, they get destroyed (I mean like 50-70% off all time highs) in a recession. Same with cruise ship companies. I looked at the chart for GVC and I agree it is a good entry point, but I don’t see much upside if we hit a slowing economy. Plus gambling is under a LOT of regulation and all it takes is spreadsheet phil (phillip hammond) to ban x,y and z in your gambling industry.

All good and the way that we all view these things differently is what makes the world a fun and interesting place. :slight_smile:

Reg’s in the UK are tightening up but this isn’t the case in the rest of the world, and the UK is a small part of GVC’s overall global business. It’s an irritation, but not a major problem for them. Once they cut the UK business costs it’ll be fine and profitable going forward.

Having now been around the online side of the industry since 2001, I’ve been through a couple of economic cycles and they never end up having as negative an impact as people think. I’ve watched companies continue to grow even when the wider business community has been really struggling. Off line retail takes a hit during a recession, but online/mobile are remarkably resilient. Most of the revenue these days is coming in from online/mobile.

Based on a sector standard P/E of around 20+ then work out what you think that the valuation is going to be, and thus the share price, once the £1.9b of M&A debt is paid off. I expect GVC to have paid off the debt in around 2-3 years time and this will immediately add around £500m to their reported profits (free cash for growth &/or dividends). I could easily see GVC reporting annual profits of around £1b in around 3 years time, at which point the business will either be sold or merged with someone like MGM, which will just add a further premium to the share price.

The management team appear to have a plan, they appear to be able to deliver it, and I like the look of it. I’m just grateful that this entry point has presented itself as if the shares were trading at around £15 then I would be viewing this very differently.

Always do your own research, etc.


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