New Stock Badge

I think it would be a good idea if new stocks that get added have a little “New Stock” badge next to them like the current American stocks that say “Coming Soon”.

The badge would be for the stocks that get added but get dwarfed by the other big names around it.

When you click into the stock to see the trading price or read more about it the badge would disappear.

Another idea would be to have all new stocks at the top in their own little list that would show once, the only issue would be people still might miss them if they click into their portfolio or other link quickly

This is on the way :smiley:

Since we’ll be adding stocks more regularly now, we might come up with another way to highlight additions in the meantime too..


I was just mocking up ideas too! :joy:


Haha you weren’t far off :clap: :clap:


I’d personally like a notification whenever new stocks are added. Or, perhaps, a list of upcoming stocks in the app where I can tick a box on specific stocks to be notified when that stock is added.


I would like to be able to see what new stocks are listed on the app. Might be easier to have the option of being able to view all stocks listed in chronological order? Or maybe a notification saying what new stocks have been listed since you last used the app.