New stocks in the app 18/01/19



Nice to see Fullers added - I thought it’d be low in priority given it’s not in the FTSE 350! I used to cycle past their brewery every day on the way to work before I was priced out of Chiswick. I’ll grab a few shares so I feel a bit less mugged off when I’m buying pints of London Pride or Frontier for £6.

Big fan of the Indian trust too. I had requested the iShares Indian ETF but this is still a good option for some exposure to one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


I think BRSC is an excellent addition. I’d like more exposure to UK small cap companies and this is perfect. It shows consistent growth and it even pays a 2.13% annual dividend. I was doing a bit of research in to it and it turns out the shares are cheaper now than they were January of 2018. I’ll be picking some up tomorrow.

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Every time I see new shares, or an app update, I get excited it’s the US stocks

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Me too, I wish we had a date though! I can’t take all this excitement

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