Brand new stocks - 12th Feb 2021

Hi everyone :wave:

Here are this week’s brand new stocks, freshly made available through our US part.

These include some big community requests:

Stock Ticker Universe ISA eligible SIPP eligible
111 Inc (ADR) YI Free No Yes
Arcimoto Inc FUV Free Yes Yes
Cango Inc (ADR) CANG Free No Yes
Dream Finders Homes Inc DFH Free Yes Yes
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd GILT Free Yes Yes
Hims & Hers Health Inc HIMS Free Yes Yes
Ocugen Inc OCGN Free Yes Yes
Sabien Technology Group plc SNT Plus Yes Yes
Shoals Technologies Group Inc SHLS Free Yes Yes

Let us know what you think of the batch!

And have a great weekend.

Capital at risk


thanks for the batch
hopefully we can get some ETFs this month?


Hi @Freetrade_Team is there any ETF’s in pipeline for future batches?


Thank you @Freetrade_Team

Thanks @Freetrade_Team

Please add more ETFs soon… even if it’s just £ECAR :slight_smile:


I :heart: :freetrade: but gotta be honest… After taking the time to suggest 30+ stocks using the new request form I’m a bit dissapointed with such a small number of additions in the last two batches.


I have to agree. Freetrade is great in many ways, but rate at which they add stocks to the platform is the slowest amongst any major broker by a distance.


It’s been a crazy 2 weeks and they mentioned that practically the whole company was dealing with customer queries due to the huge increase in customers numbers so that has been top priority lately, am sure they will be back on track soon, now they have the temporary customer team up and running.

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They’ll be working on adding thousands of European stocks in the background, must be pretty close now.

Any sign of THCB @Freetrade_Team ? It’s a biggie that is primed for :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Second this

As the post states this is a list that their US partner has listed as available. They are snowed under due to a huge influx of new investors so its probaly best they concentrate on all the issues that’s led to

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