Ocugen (OCGN) Share Chat

I bought in at $00.30 as my first ever investment, it has since merged with Bharat and is in the final stages of approval in India with their covid vaccine (covavaxin)
They are up over $5 now and hit £9 post market on Friday.


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Check your app later :wink:

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Cheers Sam :+1::crossed_fingers::chart_with_upwards_trend::moneybag:

Hi guys I’m new to this - do we think this will continue to grow ?


You can never be 100% sure but it’s looking good so far.
It was $00.30 a year ago, lots of news about countries buying the vaccine and hopefully fda approval early March if they get it, it will go ballistic.
Best of luck

Running a low little at the moment . Can see doubling up on my investment by end of month.

Imminent increase once the result comes on.

where is this going?

Really high! I reckon! I only have 99 shares tho!

Still holding this prediction?

This could be really good as Canada approves there vaccine. On the other hand they are going to court. Have to watch this closely :grimacing:

Such a good start :roll_eyes:

Wow :thinking:

Any target prices,

Rocket :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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I’m fed up with these squeezes and being let down :sob:

There is a world of difference between a genuine short squeeze and a pump and dump scheme. The former is rare the latter happens all the time.

Sorry I’m a newbie,
But I’m tempted to join the sell high and buy in the dip gang,
I expect that’s how to do it properly.
I just want it to keep going :roll_eyes::sob:

Rocket :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Just got Who approved, let’s go :ok_hand::eyes::eyes::eyes: