Ocugen (OCGN) Share Chat

I bought in at $00.30 as my first ever investment, it has since merged with Bharat and is in the final stages of approval in India with their covid vaccine (covavaxin)
They are up over $5 now and hit £9 post market on Friday.


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Check your app later :wink:

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Cheers Sam :+1::crossed_fingers::chart_with_upwards_trend::moneybag:

Hi guys I’m new to this - do we think this will continue to grow ?


You can never be 100% sure but it’s looking good so far.
It was $00.30 a year ago, lots of news about countries buying the vaccine and hopefully fda approval early March if they get it, it will go ballistic.
Best of luck

Running a low little at the moment . Can see doubling up on my investment by end of month.

Imminent increase once the result comes on.

where is this going?

Really high! I reckon! I only have 99 shares tho!

Still holding this prediction?