Oxford Biomedica

This is an £800m company. Feels to me like it should be getting beyond 2Bn now. Im no expert but its financials look great in terms of revenue and R+D and just compare their website with other biotechs, and the amount of good press recently on the news and panorama.

Perhaps iv got a lot to learn but iv put 1200 in this thing and id like to push it up towards 4000 by June.

Thoughts guys?

Maybe thats biotech compared with other types of stock, biotechs spike on concrete news?

I bought in to them in April last year, mainly due to their work on vaccines. Have gone up 32% in 9 months. They definitely seem to be going in a good direction.

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there are a lot of companies involved in covid, which meant a lot of biotechs went up 10x. so naturally many were overbought.
If you look closely you will see some of them have nothing else and the competition is fierce. oxb has so much more to its game and its already producing nice revenue. Im sure biotech will begin to grow as its incredible what they are doing. maybe wait for the acceleration but im happy to put in early and hold


Yep, they are working with AZ on the vaccine released in the uk a few weeks ago

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