Tiziana Pharma (TILS)

It is an AIM biotech firm

Yes I’ve invested in this in the past week and 55% up currently :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

As an aside, it really annoys me when peeps come on here having done no research and expect us to educate them. I’m seeing this all lhe time recently. DYOR guys!!

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I don’t have an issue with people asking questions or using this as a starting point for their research.

I invested at £1.01 so currently at 68% profit.

I’m looking at £4 per share for a medium term target and hoping that the demerger for StemPrintER sells for $3B which would be a great payout on its own!

Anybody have issues buying this today or lately? My orders keep getting rejected.

The prices don’t match already raised this

It’s been very volatile today which may have caused the issue?!

Did you manage to make your trade?

Price dropped to £1.60 today after the RNS. The RNS said that the demerger date has been pushed back and the cut off date for shares in New Company won’t be until after the announcement… So I’m guessing it’s traders who wanted to make some quick money on StemPrintER selling out.

It’s just gone through, not happy as the price in the app was £1.60 but it executed for me at £1.96. That’s a ridiculous difference.


The price is in the app is delayed by 15 minutes so with volatile stocks there is always going to be a divergence.

This divergence can be extremely large when spreads are factored in.

Great news - they intend to move to the main market! Big spike in the US after this was released, tomorrow could be interesting.

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Has anyone seen this?

Yeah looked like lazy journalism to me. People aren’t that stupid (I hope?!).

Great day today for TILS holders :grinning:

41% gain overall and the buy price even touched £3 at one point!


I find it strange that many people make the same mistake, but we never know. On the other hand, at that time there was no other reason for this share to rise so much.

The rise in my opinion was down to speculation, today that speculation has been realised after a number of RNS over the last couple of days, plus the very positive Webinar last night. I’m happy, up almost 130% in 3 weeks. Onwards and upwards for TILS - an absolute no brainer long term.

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Rising nicely since Xmas, 2 weeks away from move from Aim to main market. Also covid trial results due soon, inhaled forulamab with dexmethasone


Is it time to get in on this

Has there been any update lately? Seems to be constantly waiting on results from testing.

Some good news today