Tiziana Pharma (TILS)

Tiziana seeking partner company in Japan and Asia for drug trials.

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Tiziana Life Sciences plc announced that it has submitted a grant to the United Kingdom COVID Therapeutics Advisory Panel (UK-CTAP) to support further clinical development of nasally administered Foralumab, a fully human anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody, as an innovative ‘Take Home’ approach for treatment of non-hospitalized patients with COVID-19. This is in response to a call from the UK government for proposals to study therapies that can be delivered at home and avoid hospitalization of patients. Nasal administration of Foralumab is a highly innovative approach to treat patients with autoimmune diseases where the immune system may be dysregulated. Several studies have suggested that there is dysregulation in the immune system of patients with Covid-19 disease. Previously, announced the successful completion of a clinical study with nasally administered Foralumab in patients with COVID-19 in Brazil. Results from this study demonstrated that the treatment induced immunomodulatory effects capable of providing clinical benefit to Covid-19 patients. Separately, Tiziana Life Sciences is also completing processes to initiate another clinical trial in COVID-19 hospitalized patients in Brazil. The objective of this study is to evaluate whether nasally administered Foralumab could be useful for hospitalized patients with severe inflammation. Since, nasal administration with Foralumab is an immunomodulatory approach, it is possible that this ‘Take Home’ treatment approach could be useful for treatment of other COVID-19 variants, including the variants identified in South Africa, Brazil, the UK and the Delta variant in India. ~ SimplyWallSt.


Tiziana Life Sciences plc files scheme of arrangement to effect a corporate reorganisation and, if approved, the delisting of its ordinary shares in London and the direct listing of common shares in the new parent company of the Tiziana group on NASDAQ

20 August 2021

This is going to be long and painful if it’s anything like Accustem :joy:

I’m slowly losing all faith in the board, they have wasted so much time and effort the last year on listings and restructurings of the company.


What does it all mean?

Tiziana is moving house to the Bahamas so the company can be registered on the US market instead of London.

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What does everyone think about this? Share price has tanked over the last year. Feels like the company is focused more on the Nasdaq listing than it is on the business of biotech.

I am down 33% but no inclination to sell, I have been tempted to top up and average down from £1.05. Not done so as yet

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Too late to sell now if you missed the deadline on the 15th. So, charges will apply and US tax for moving to the NASDAQ which shareholders didn’t ask for.


Might be a silly question but is there anyway to gauge what the cost will be?

Many thanks

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Welcome @Vasilli94 Freetrade sent out a message on the app to shareholders detailing fee costs.

Just wondering why we only get one share per two held when they become the new company? Anyone have any idea?

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I’m guessing, to keep share value above a threshold to keep the listing on the NASDAQ.

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Fair play, do we think they will be valued higher to compensate?

:notes:One day our shares will come :notes: :hourglass_flowing_sand:


I got a notification that this share is being delisted from LSE. I am currently at 40% loss and in cannot but new shares as it will be listed on Nasdaq. Will the share price increase after delisting? what should i do next?


Can someone please guide me?

The reorganisation of Tiziana Life Sciences Plc works a little differently for shareholders in the UK - we are planning to convert your current Tiziana shares into the ADS (American Depositary Shares) listing of Tiziana, traded on the NASDAQ.

If you remain a shareholder in Tiziana, we will then move your Tiziana shares to our US custodian by the 20th October 2021 and update your portfolio.

If approved, the effective date of the Tiziana reorganisation is due to be the 21st October 2021 and we will then send another notification once your portfolio has been updated and your New Tiziana shares are able to be traded through the app.

Please note, your new Bermuda incorporated Tiziana shares will be close-only, meaning you will be able to sell your holding but will be unable to purchase any more new Tiziana shares. This is enforced by our US trading partner as it does not meet their listing requirements.

Let me know if you have any more questions on this.

Essentially, your shares will be close-only; you will not be able to purchase any more Tiziana shares, but you will be able to sell your holding.

Other threads already have live discussion

Hi folks,
Am I the only one annoyed by the lack of any progress or even feedback with regards to our shares as a result of Tiziana’s reorganisation and delisting from AIM? Initial expectation was that we’ll see the new shares about 3 weeks after the scheme date (21/10). I contacted Freetrade, they are saying it’s out of their control (fair enough), but even though the process is a month late they cannot provide any feedback whatsoever from the US broker.

I am in the same boat and cant trade. No sure whom to escalate ang where to escalate.