30 new stocks for Plus members - 13th May 2022

Hi everyone :wave:

30 brand new stocks are here for Plus members.

Including renewable energy, mining, food tech, Japanese trusts, software, and more.

All stocks are eligible to be held in an ISA or SIPP.

You can expect more stocks to follow in the coming weeks.

Full list:

Title Ticker
abrdn Japan AJIT
abrdn China ACIC
Adriatic Metals ADT1
African Pioneer AFP
Aib Group AIBG
Alkemy ALK
Alpha Growth ALGW
Amala Foods DISH
Amati Aim Vct AMAT
Aminex AEX
Anemoi AMOI
Anglesey Mining AYM
Anglo Pacific Group APF
Aquila Energy AEET
Aquila European AERS
Argo Group ARGO
Arix Bioscience ARIX
Asa International ASAI
Ashoka India AIE
Atlantis Japan AJG
Auction Technology ATG
Avation AVAP
Axiom European AXI
Baker Steel BSRT
Baltic Classifieds BCG
Bank Of Cyprus BOCH
Barings BEMO
Base Resources BSE
Berkeley Energia BKY
Bisichi BISI
FTSE North America VNRG

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


Hi Sam,

i submitted a request last month for QYLD US, a US covered call ETF which holds large cap US equities. is there any chance of adding this stock soon?


That’s a US domiciled ETF you can’t get those in europe as a retail investor, you’ll need to find a UCITS equivalent


shame as i qualify as a professional investor. no opt up on FT as of yet

Bit of a shame it won’t let me buy VNRG for 100th of the actual price, maybe something to look into @Freetrade_Team … or maybe the price hasn’t updated correctly on my phone just yet.

Thanks team!

can we get AGNC next please?

Btw UCITS is a restriction for EU citizens, not UK.

For UK residents it should be just HMRC-reporting Approved offshore reporting funds - GOV.UK

Many thanks for the new additions. Seems like you focused on the tickers starting with the letter ‘A’. Can we expect very soon other stocks added? CLON and MILA spring to mind in particular!


Looking forward to seeing more stocks being added (hopefully soon!).

Why is ATG for plus members. It is part of ftse 350. Shouldn’t be part of free universe?

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