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Hope you’re all enjoying Friday and getting ready for Christmas, I know I am :christmas_tree:! We’ve kept releasing updates on our progress on the Christmas list and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback when we’ve shared our plans. Also we have been digging through all of the amazing ideas and suggestions that you have shared on our forum when it comes to products you would love to see us bring out. So we can see how much you’ve helped us build our products and because of that, we’ve decided to start working on opening up our product roadmap to all of you for ideas, votes and general feedback. :muscle: We love to build products that our users love to use, so it’s a no-brainer to make you a part of the process of building our products. We won’t launch the roadmap quite yet as we are still finalising our plans but we will soon after entering the new year. Hope to hear your thoughts and ideas on this and I look forward to sharing more with you soon! :cowboy_hat_face:


Jani - Product Manager


Now that ISAs are out of the way, I’m hoping to see Alpha near the top of the list, both to boost revenue and to reward investors.

My roadmap would be something like:

  1. US stocks
  2. Alpha
  3. ISA transfer
  4. Limit orders
  5. Improved search/filters in Discovery and Activity
  6. Show true profit
  7. Portfolio chart design
  8. Add other markets, out of hours trading (just why do stock markets close anyway?)
  9. Some kind of Simple ISA product which picks a global etf and accepts monthly savings
  10. Offer this Simple ISA via monzo and other marketplaces to draw their users into investment who would not think of picking stocks
  11. Offer more details on each stock (basic stats, div history)
  12. Show freetrade holdings in app
  13. Offer freetrade shares for referrals to drive growth
  14. Gifting stocks to drive growth
  15. Expand to Europe
  16. Notifications

My preferred roadmap would be:

  1. ISA transfer (implemented before April 2019)

I don’t really need anything else before April, if anything else at all. The other things on kenny’s list are “nice to have” though.


Switching from GIA to ISA is a different feature to an ISA transfer, which isn’t coming this month AFAIK. The current instructions for opening a Freetrade ISA note that you can’t transfer in an existing one.

Just to avoid any confusion:

  • You will be able to added to the group who will be switched from your regular Freetrade account (GIA) to a Freetrade ISA, if you have investments in your portfolio & tap the button in your Profile
  • We don’t have the option for you to transfer from another provider’s GIA / ISA to a Freetrade GIA / ISA yet. Although you can switch manually or just open a Freetrade GIA / ISA (in some circumstances) if you want to.
    This blog post explains the rules that decide whether you can use a Freetrade ISA while you have another Stocks & Shares ISA.

I hope that helps!


Excited to see the roadmap! How are you planning to share it… in a blog type format, trello or something else like Product Board? :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear! :slightly_smiling_face: We’re still looking at the best possible tool to use for visually sharing our roadmap while still having the capability of getting feedback on it easily. Trello is always an option and obviously widely used but I’ll share more once we are closer to finalizing this! Do let me know if you have any examples you really like! :wink:


As you say, Trello is very popular (and for good reason).

I’ve also used previously, which provides some other pieces potentially useful for internal use. I know there are many other similar options like and


I’d be in favour of making your own simple page, like the tide one, or the new monzo page (which links to a forum post for discussion of each point which is pretty neat). You could even just do the whole thing as one forum post for now.


Yeah those are good, nicely high level. I like having “Things we are working on right now” (which nearly always means “delivers soon”) and “Later”. As few dates as possible - the estimation effort is rarely worth it because it’s usually inaccurate. I would add a Not Doing bucket as well, to drop “margin accounts” into - having a list of big things you’re not going to do helps everyone keep in mind the reasons why you are doing other things.

Feedback, fine, but don’t let it drive the choice of presentational format for the roadmap if it means that clarity is lost. Like, it could be a photo of a whiteboard. Simple.


These are some really great points and I appreciate all the feedback. We will be communicating, what is currently in the works, the big ticket items that will be worked on soon after, along with a backlog of things we want to be able to tackle further down the line. We hope to give you the clarity to better understand our product as well as get feedback from you all to help us focus on what’s most important. :slightly_smiling_face:.


Looking forward to this too. The possibility to suggest and vote for features in the forum is great but will be good to get a rough idea of what you guys prioritise and when to expect new introductions as well.


The roadmap must be updated (e.g. SIPP, Europe expansion) with more details deliveries of features:

  • SIPP: in-specie transfers, employer contribution, etc.
  • Europe expansion: list of countries + rough timeline or at least order of go-live