New Stocks - update?

Is there any news when the new batch of stocks will be added. I’ve had a few on the radar, which are not on freetrade and have since ran away :confused:

See the Trello -

Is it a US or UK stock?


Hey Mandeep, which stocks are you looking for us to add?

We’ll be adding thousands more in the near future.

Hi mate,

I was looking at
Zynga - NASDAQ
Globant - NYSE
Wayfair - NYSE
Stage Stores - NYSE



Thanks, we’re always reviewing community stock requests and will let you know when we have an update on these ones.

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I would highly recommend adding Orsted as well.

Many thanks

I’m assuming there’s no new stocks until the Invest platform migration is complete? And then the floodgates open?


I upvoted MSCI and created a request for SPGI.

Together with LSEG these companies dominate the indexing industry, and regarding the growth of passive investing in the recent years I would love to see them available on Freetreade :slight_smile:

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How near is the near future?


@sampoullain Realistically could we get a timeframe on the stock universe being added and more specifically, sector etf’s?

A developed world etf like VEVE would be a plus.


According to a comment yesterday, new stocks are still weeks away, waiting upon the implementation of fractionals.

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I just made a whole host of posts for new stocks. Go vote.