Fractions for all 🍰

Will fractional shares be available before the new tax year.


That is something I highly doubt

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I don’t think so.

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This has been coming for months. Probably won’t get done until next year.


What makes you think that?

I would imagine it’s a month away tops.


Hi everyone

As promised, I want to provide an update on delivering fractional investment in US shares.

Firstly, this has taken longer than we anticipated - it’s a hugely important feature for us as it is for you all, and I love how excited everyone is to get their hands on it.

We want to build it in a way that the feature can scale to hundreds of thousands of customers, which has various aspects, ranging from supporting corporate actions to regulatory requirements. You’ve probably read our blog post about the easy way and the hard way.

We are implementing it in line with our ethos of building a sustainable business with permanent, sustainable solutions, rather than getting it out as quickly as possible. That means we have to spend the time to build it properly, fully integrated into our new Invest platform.

We’re working through the final pieces around how we report to our regulator before it will be ready to launch. At this point, we’re talking a matter of weeks (conscious we said this before, but it’s the best timeframe at this point) before you’ll be able to get yourself a little bit of Amazon, Google or any other US fractional share (remember, capital at risk). Thanks a lot for your patience in the meantime.


A bit surprised that no-one has responded to this.

Thanks for the update @Duncan. It’s a bit disappointing to have such an exciting feature delayed, but it’s more important that it’s done right than done right now.

We’ve all seen what happens when you cut corners to chase growth with Zoom.


A good way to end the week: Spent my Friday afternoon playing around on my personal Freetrade account with an awesome new feature that’ll be shipping soon… :wink:


This is such a tease, if you need someone to test it out let me know haha


Gone from a few weeks to shipping soon :eyes:


Hope that we gonna use this as soon as the shares price are still great to buy.

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From other features the testing process is normally quite quick so fingers crossed it’s soon :crossed_fingers:

I think a lot of us are fustrated/bored with the tagline “coming soon” and no actual date or even a vague Q3 estimate.

With 35 years experience in IT I understand features take time but personally I think its a marketing fail to tease way before you understand the rollout timeline in an attempt to keep up with a more feature heavy competitor.


You could have eased some of your frustration/boredom by attending the AMA Zoom meeting the other night and heard Adam confirm that fractions were pretty much imminent and also heard what he had to say about Freetrade’s competitors.


Unfortunately I couldn’t attend as I was working - if you have anything to share that would be more informative.

Edit. My initial post is merely a comment on the potential reasons forum members haven’t engaged much with the last “coming soon” post on fractionals - in the main I am a happy customer of Freetrade - the customer service is fantastic and quick, the app is attractive, easy to use and responsive and I struggle to think of any app based issues such as crashes. However Freetrade are falling behind competitors in terms of functionality - there is extremely limited research options, limited portfolio tracking, purchases show in GBP rather than GBX or the currency used making manual portfolio tracking harder, there is no ability to filter activity such as dividends etc - its a great app, and I appreciate the firm are actively improving it, but there is also an air of “dont dare criticise” in the forum that risks turning it into an echo chamber that I dislike intensely - passing comment on required features, or missing features isn’t a bad thing - it lets FT know what we want, what we need, what we’d like and I am sure that FT themselves are aware of this and need the feedback. What they have done is great so far, and encouraging, but it doesnt hurt to let them know that people are starting to choose competition over those missing features - the last 4 people I have tried to encourage via referalls have gone to a competitor for example over some of the features I mention above.


Someone’s already shared on this thread: Zoom AMA #1: Freetrade Founder & CEO Adam :freetrade: - #59 by AJHY


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Thank you - I’ll read that thread now.

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I have 5 mates signed up now mostly truckers and a couple have left other traders to come on board so crack on Freetrade Welldone


What is user number for your friend?

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