MCG: Primary Bid dealings / Anyone got an Interactive Investor code?

Morning all, long time lurker, investor, and first-time poster

Love Freetrade so it feels odd to post this but has anyone got a referral code for Interactive Investor. I got some initial shares for MCG (I know…) through Primary Bid and Barclays Investor won’t accept them so I have to open another brokeridge. As Freetrade can’t accept from Primary Bid yet I need to get them into II so I can sell the shares and buyback through my Freetrade Account. Want to try and keep costs as low as possible

I’m closing down Barclays fully (woeful) and putting everything into Freetrade, worth having another broker available as backup I guess.

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I think @Cameron might have an account

I’m afraid I don’t so I can’t help on this one, I was considering it for a while (so I probably posted about it then) but I never actually opened one in the end.

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@joeb or @Big-g might be your men, all out of suggestions otherwise

Likewise - I never opened an account with them.

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Try @SteveAvia - he DMd me about them in the past

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I played with the Idea of II and was close to opening but I found it too complicated so didn’t bother in the end. Sorry

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Hi @DigiPyro I have an ii account. Didn’t even know they had a referral programme! Do you want me to dig out a code or whatever’s needed?

I warn you though, ii (like several of the other brokers) is not nearly as user friendly as Freetrade.

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Thanks all, really appreciated - I just remember being on a seminar for Motley Fool and they were saying they liked them as all their ‘tips’ were available through them.

TBH I just need to find a home for the shares and then liquidate them to get them into Freetrade. Maybe HL would be better/easier?

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Thanks for the offer Rod. Actually, I might have sold a pup here - I heard there was cash back or X months no fee(s), but actually you have to transfer £20k over

Thankfully I don’t have than number of shares in MCG after their lacklustre IPO!

Oh yeah, looks like it is 10k - not great

by using freetrade I have larger stakes but I have been able to place small stakes in over forty shares, it has led me to several promising shares including one big helium play.
The slight added Sp on the buy and sell has not been noticeable.
I have not not sold any, living with my due diligence to watch the share come good. patience etc,
Only one KIBO I have reduce–d judging the CEO to be incompetent.