PrimaryBid: Connects Investors with Public Companies

I just found out about this company. Does anyone have any experience of investing in private raises through them? It sounds like an interesting concept and I believe it allows you to buy shares at a discount to the market rate. They’re a partner with the London Stock Exchange.


Can you add a vote for inclusion tab. Anybody interested could vote and express an interest

it’s not a stock, lol. It’s a platform for investing in public company raises, it looks interesting so i was interested to see if anyone has experience of using it.

You sign up to the mailing list and they notify you when a public company is raising capital and as a private investor you can invest in the raise.


I like the concept if it opens up block prices. Wondering if it will only be the stuff that struggles that gets on it though as the good stuff could not really see instis letting Joe get a piece

Hope I am wrong as I like the concept a lot , but anticipate maybe a bit more Aim low liquidity stuff than prime goodies

I think you are generally right, I signed up yesterday and it seemed to be mostly AIM stocks, potentially the not so favourable ones. However, now I’m on the mailing list and they will send me opportunities as they arise, maybe 1 every few weeks. I’ll be interested to check out the companies anyway and learn a bit about the process.


Yep info is always useful to get market info as there are some hidden diamonds as well on Aim that just need a bit of luck to step up a notch

There is an offer on PrimaryBid to bid for Compass Group Plc !
I am wondering if anyone is interested

You can’t gain access to the Compass retain offer as far as I can tell, since PrimaryBid don’t have Freetrade as a supported broker and:

You still haven’t provided your broker details. We need them in order to settle your shares

This is unfortunate, as it puts Freetrade customers at a disadvantage to other brokers.

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But what do you actually need to do to use another broker, just literally sign up to an account? I used hargreaves lansdown.

@araovem yes, I got that email through today as well. I emailed them back, asking when and where the details of the offer will be released. Didn’t seem to be any info in the email, other than announcing it?

I found the page for the Compass offer and it’s closed. I assume it was only open for a few hours from 7am, a bit of notice would’ve been nice…

oh damn, really? Do you have a link to the page anyway? Interested to see it

Edit: don’t worry, got it. Just had to log in :smile:

Yes, I got the email at 9:41, maybe need to get the app.

I’ve signed up to the Investor Relations notifications from Compass and a few other of my holdings and downloaded the app, so hopefully I might be a bit prepared next time something like this happens… :crossed_fingers:

So the raise for compass was through primary bid - Freetrade is not an option on the drop down but there is an option for other - does Freetrade work with primary bid and if so is there a settlement charge ? A few on there are £0 and others like HL are £20
Please @adam or @Viktor can you confirm ?

Many thanks.

We are working with them, yep. No details to release yet. We’re big fans of what Anand and team are up to.


Much appreciated


Thanks @adam for taking the time to respond - does this mean that providing FT list the stock we can take part using FT ?
And if so will this be free ?

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That’s pretty cool, wouldn’t have expected this as i doubt many freetrade users have heard of them, like myself.

I actually found them through the article where yourself and the founder of their company were both calling for equal access to investing.

They are a startup like us, and on a similar mission.

Almost no one knows that there are all sorts of primary placements happening for public companies, that go to institutional investors only, at a huge discount to the public price. Hedge funds fight to get a piece of them and flip them immediately.

Anand is a former hedge fund guy who has come onto the side of retail investors. We should do an AMA with him on the forum, would be really interesting.


@adam that would be an amazing insight.

Please can you ask them to list free trade as a broker they have a huge list but Freetrade is not on it.

Share deal active has a free settlement charge along with a few other online brokers - can you confirm that FT will be a free settlement charge ?
(I understand that you don’t list many of the aim companies that they raise for but perhaps when you role out more shares some of these more illiquid companies will be part of that role out.)

The likes of HL charge £20 settlement.

Be interested if they were crowdfunding to as I’m sure this space will become crowded quickly!