Plans on joining Primary Bid

Does Freetrade plan on joining PrimaryBid this year?

As it would be nice if we were able to participate in UK IPOs this year, but there currently isn’t the option to select Freetrade as our Broker of choice, and hoping this can be amended.


There are a few topics on this already.

In short; probably but not now.


would be so advantageous to users though as we could get in on cellular goods at 5p in stead of 10p when it hits the secondary market

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Yes please! That integration would be great.

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Like others have said. Yes please, would be a great addition!

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Yes please get a feeling Pluto digital will launch through this given connection to Peter wall


Yeah I totally agree pluto will go through primary bid first it would be nice to know,If we will join primary bid soon😜. I might join one that does so I don’t miss out. Again as I did with the funding argo done… Can you have Two accounts?

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Just get an account with a supporting broker. Yeah it costs, but it’s easier and faster in the long run. “Two accounts”? I assume you’re referencing ISAs? In which case PB can’t output the stock to your ISA anyway…as they don’t know your subscription limits with an external provider.

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No I just have gia account at the moment. I didn’t know I could have more. I will do that thank you for letting me know.

Gutting Freetrade won’t get this from primarybid would have been such a good opp to have won over people who have never invested before


Please just pay the £5 or £10 and park the stock elsewhere

It is not worth FT integrating with PB if the PB process is still so inefficient and slow and manual … it’s about as anti Fintech as you can get

‘Yeah but it’s got IPOs/discounts’

Discounts are misnomers. Dilution often sees to that.

IPOs are more interesting but let’s get PB operations up to speed before burdening other brokers (like FT) with this Crest messaging minefield and cost and back office integration


amount of people i know who have never invested and are partaking in Deliveroo through primary bid. This is a huge loss for freetrade and its gutting to see

I think all this is a marvellous marketing strategy by Deliveroo, TBH. By only selling to customers it makes them feel more special, and seemingly is encouraging some who wouldn’t normally invest to do so. But most importantly, most of these people are likely to hold onto their shares, especially if there’s a slight speed bump to selling them, but because they’re now invested in the company, they’re more likely to keep using Deliveroo over any of the competitors. So, more that anything else, I think it’s a great way to increase customer retention.

Given that the company still hasn’t yet made a profit, during the year when they should have been in their element seems worrying to me. But I guess most of the investors won’t be aware of that, Deliveroo will just be the company they like using for delivery, and probably it also won’t translate to a price drop on the shares, because those people are likely to keep hold of the shares too.


This would be a great addition!!!