PrimaryBid: Connects Investors with Public Companies

Personally… i’d like to think that legislation will one day prevent an unfair advantage such as this from even taking place.


There is an offer for tissue regenix with 75% discount.
The offer ending at 9.00pm today.
I am wondering if this stock is transferable to my freetrade account!

Another AIM stock…

There as an offer for tissue regenix with 75% discount on Primarybid.
The offer ending at 9.00pm today.
I am wondering if this stock is transferable to my freetrade account!

The issue with Primary Bid is the companies that are currently using them are some of the most speculative high risk ones around.
Given Freetrade aren’t keen on small companies and don’t have plans to put the AIM markets why would you be working with Primary Bid?
Or has the view of Freetrade on the AIM market changed?

It looks like all brokers have a £20 settlement fee? This must be set or suggested by Primary Bid as I clicked through about half of the list and the fee was the same for all of those.

Going to change my opinion here - they responded impressively fast and sorted the issue out.

Also I have been able to put Ft down as other and put my account number in, Ft customer service provided the details very fast (thank you)

Looks like the £20 broker fee is standard, presumably how they make their slice of the pie

Not all of them charge £20

Do you know which don’t? I searched through the first 20 or so, unless I was doing it wrong.

Share deal active - and a couple of other online based brokers

Can someone clarify that my Freetrade account number is the same as the number that I connect withdrawals from my bank account to my Freetrade account beginning ftfrs. That is the number I gave to PrimaryBid to connect my PB account to my FT account. Thanks

Yes that’s right

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Whoa, we haven’t launched anything with PrimaryBid yet. See my original comment. We will give details when ready.


I’ve set up and connected my PB account with FT so hopefully everything should run smoothly when I make my first PB investment. I presume FT will be the custodian of my shares. Can someone confirm if that is correct. Thank you

Sounds like freetrade haven’t set it up yet juno. There are obviously alot of other priorities at the moment.

Best to ask primary bids customer care what’s going to happen if you’ve already made a bid.

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I’m hoping that FT will have free settlement fee like XO and share deal active.

If FT can sort it with primary bid before 212 this would be a great price of advertising and marketing trumpeting retail buyers.

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I really really hope that FT get there ass in to gear and make it an absolute priority being able to connect both platforms as I love the Primary Bid model. I would get a team working on this Straight away. As far as I’m aware I have managed to connect my PB account with FT. I guess I will find out when I make my first purchase on PB

I agree this could be a good link up but imo I don’t think this is of higher priority than say adding more shares, sorting out euro funded accounts for the expansion and bringing out the new features to justify the freetrade plus pricing to bring in more revenue.


Have any of these companies that are listed on Primary Bid ever turned themselves around? I looked up a few of them and they all seemed to be companies whose values were crashing. Some of them didn’t come up as listed at all anymore.

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