[Request] Round Hill Music

I thought I’d try requesting this one again, as Round Hill is now more established and is available for trade on Freetrade’s competitors …?

Please don’t do this again. It doesn’t matter how long has passed, duplicate posts won’t help your case. Duplicates get removed because they’re unhelpful. Thus, reposting only wastes admin time of both Freetrade staff and people like me.


Apologies! I clearly did not understand the etiquette and I will be very mindful of that.
Many thanks for pointing this out !

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Upsetting bmt is pretty much a rite of passage for the forum at this point :joy:


Hey, I’ll live and learn from the telling off! Slightly rude and aggressive, but the point remains

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The other post is closed so will raise this one again - would still like to see this on FT. Have invested via another platform in the meantime.
Still does not have a large trading volume but have had no problem in buying.

Have been looking for an ETF that covers the music rights sector but have not found anything so far


Moved from the Specialist Fund Segment to the Main Market of the LSE plus a Sterling quote under RHMP


This may get caught up in the complex products issue, so FT might not be able to add it until it has a appropriateness questionnaire in place. Despite it being listed on the main market, I think it’s intended more for institutional or professional advised investors. That said, it’s similar to SONG which is on FT.

There’s an added complication with RHM though because it’s listed in USD. FT doesn’t have yet any LSE listings in currencies other than GBP/GBX.

Edit: I missed the new sterling version but I’d be surprised if it has sufficient volume/liquidity yet.

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