[Request] Secure Trust Bank (STB)

Hello, would love to have LSE:STB added.
Looks like a beautiful addition to a dividend focused portfolio. Obviously DYOR :slight_smile:



An alternative lender offering business finance such as bridging loans and invoice finance as well as consumer retail finance. An interesting lender who is not exposed to the difficult mortgage market yet whose loan book is mainly secured.

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This has previously been requested. A search never hurts before you post :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did. I concluded that given it was posted in December 19 with no subsequent action, a follow up couldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

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As good as the intention behind that might be, it does hurt. It splits the vote unless someone like me asks for the topics to be merged. Less total votes in one place looks like less demand than one topic and more votes. :freetrade: staff read the forums and act partly based on the amount of votes a request has. So multiple requests for the same instrument doesn’t help and makes work for people.

I appreciate that we’re supposed to be welcoming, but I end up doing this a lot because people don’t consider the above. It’s not fun for me. So in future, please vote on the existing topic.


Got my vote.

This is LSE listed, why isn’t it available on FT? So irritating doing research, finding an equity you think has potential, doing Technical Analysis and waiting for the right moment to buy it… only to search for it on FT and get “Oh snap! Didn’t find what you were looking for?”. :poop:

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Yes this is one on my buy list too.

Please add Freetrade.


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Up over 20% since the last post. :poop:

Yes would have been nice to have made the 20% - also has very good long term potential imo.

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